What Is Your Life Purpose and Life Mission?

Below is a free mental program helping you program your mind so your life's mission and purpose are being revealed to you.

Why Did I Create This Free Mental Program?

animated-brain-activityToo many people are wasting their lives and precious time waiting for some knight in shining armor to wave his or her magic wand and say: “Your life purpose is… now go forth and do it.

Sadly, while they are waiting for this answer to be revealed to them, they remain stuck and unable to get off the hamster wheel. They continue working in a cubicle rather than getting out on their own.

They procrastinate and make excuses that they can't move forward because they don't know how, because they don't have enough money, because they're too busy. And they promise themselves that they'll get to it when their children are out of the house, when fill-in-the-blanks. Sadly, for many this day never comes because life passes them by and it's only towards the end of their life that they realize they never got to do what they really wanted to do.

This has to stop.

This Is Not a Dress Rehearsal – This Is Your Life

Your soul, your higher self knows the way and it knows exactly what your purpose and mission is, if you only slowed down long enough to listen.

Here is a mental program recorded in 432 Hz (for a more peaceful experience), to helping you get to the nooks and crannies of your higher self.

How Long Does It Take?

Set aside approximately 30-45 minutes. Turn off your cell phones, your TV, your radio, close any doors and windows and ask any needy children, nagging spouses or clingy pets to go to another room for the time being. Use headsets and do not operate a vehicle when listening to this program!

When you're finished with this program, scroll to the bottom of this screen for a couple of free gifts from me.

How Often Can I Listen To This?

animated-brainYou can listen to this mental program as often as you'd like. Just make sure you're not forcing yourself to listen as otherwise you'll get sick of my voice and your ego will then find ways to close off and find ways to say that: “This doesn't work anyways.” Listen to your intuition, it knows the way.

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Wishing you a life rich with love for what you do.




Cha~zay, Ph.D., C.H.