E-Learning – Online Courses, $325 Billion a Year Industry


Market analysis from Global Industry Analysts speculated the E-Learning industry to rise to $105 Billion per year by 2015. And it did.

Today in 2020 Market and Research predicts that by the year 2025, only five years from now, this number will triple to $325 Billion. And it will. (Source)

How do I know?


Because I've been a best-selling online instructor since 2013 and I've been an active part of this online learning movement since 2010. With over 65,000 enrollments to date, creating online courses has made sense to me from the moment I first started to teach online. Before teaching online, I taught business plan writing courses to low-income women. This was a three-month process of twice-weekly classroom style meetings, where I would guide approximately 20 women each time through the process of taking their inner dream to becoming a business owner to an actual reality. I saw so many women pull themselves up from a bad divorce, health challenges, financial ruin, you name it, and find the courage to follow their dreams. I loved my work.


Due to some health challenges caused by a ruptured appendix back in 2008, along with the desire to live and work anywhere in the world, and given the beautiful ability to do so with the help of technology, I was gently but firmly directed to take my teaching to an online platform. It was the best thing I could have done for myself, as well as the tens of thousands of students from 167 countries to date, who have been able to take my courses!


Since 2013 I have lived in several countries. First the US (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sedona), and then Europe, Italy, France, and now Switzerland. Creating online courses provides you with this type of freedom. More importantly, it has provided me with multiple passive income streams that provide me the opportunity to continue evolve into new areas of interest, while at the same time giving me the peace of knowing that no matter what happens and no matter where I am in the world, income continues to arrive independently of what is going on in the world (provided your courses are set-up in the right way).


I want you to have that same type of freedom. Not only because you deserve it, but because the world is ready and eager to hear from you!

Given the status of our current world situation, people are losing their livelihoods left and right and they are struggling to re-invent themselves to carve out a new income stream for themselves. While most of us are in self-isolation these days, learning how to re-design your new future by creating online courses has never before been so attractive. Thankfully, this is where I can help.

Along the way I have created courses on how to teach others how to create online courses. Since we are in a world crisis, I have reduced all of my course rates (except bundles) by 50%.


If you don't want to create online courses but still want to work from home and with technology, then consider either building a business with just your telephone, or learn about the 20 different ways to create multiple passive income streams from home, using the internet.

All courses are instructor supported, which means you can ask questions and I answer. You also get lifetime access, which means that you can review the course material again and again. As if that were not enough, you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Now is the time to make a drastic change for yourself, your family and the students who are eagerly awaiting for you to take your skills to an online platform.

NOTE: The 50% discount coupon is only valid for a few weeks, to help you during the current crisis. When things normalize, the discount will disappear, although the 50% discount will remain valid for the bundle course deal.

Take control of your life and your finances once and for all. Never be dependent on someone else writing you a paycheck. Write your own instead!

I will see you in class!