Pay It Forward Ideas – How We Give Back

Here at Core Freedom we believe in the Pay It Forward principle. Giving with a heart of gratitude and because we have so much that we can’t help but overflow the excess to those who need some extra support – imagine if every person and business adopted this principle. It is a natural principle after all, humanity is just a bit slow in catching on.

On this page we will share what Dr. Cha~zay does to ‘overflow’ her abundance and allowing her energy to support others. Perhaps this page will spur some great ideas for your own life and business.

“True giving is allowing one’s energy to overflow to enrich those around us, without the expectation or hope to receive anything back.” Dr. Cha~zay

How We Pay It Forward – Some Ideas

pay-it-forwardHere are just 7 pay it forward ideas Dr. Cha~zay uses the Pay It Forward principle.

Pay it Forward Idea #1 – Create a Fund

  • Pay it forward by creating a fund where you put 10% of your own earnings into it for others; use this fund provide discounts and scholarships to those who can’t afford your services (keep a waiting list)

Pay it Forward Idea #2 – Give Discounts

  • You can also pay it forward when creating workshops, get creative and decide to give 10% of the seats away for free to those who qualify (take the funds from your own 10% dedicated to those who need some extra help).

Pay it Forward Idea #3 – Take Donations

  • Let others pay it forward by giving them an opportunity! Add a “donation” button to your website where you can get others involved and let them give a gift of getting a session with you or one of your products. If you’re concerned about tax deductions, create an actual non-profit company.

Pay it Forward Idea #4 – Clients Choose the Price

  • Another pay it forward tactic is giving products away by letting your clients choose what they pay. Note: I have tried this and while the majority of people will give nothing to very little, once in a while you get the super generous person who makes up for the difference.

Pay it Forward Idea #5 – Support Entrepreneurship

  • Invest in Entrepreneurship! We use Kiva. You’ve heard of the saying that it is better to teach a man how to fish than just giving him a fish. We support this strategy and so does Kiva. More about Kiva below.

Pay it Forward Idea #6 – Support Mama Gaia

  • Pay it forward to our mother Earth. Plant a tree, go digital, recycle!

Pay it Forward Idea #7 – Create Tiered Pricing

  • Our newest pay it forward test has been to offer people a choice of a 3-payment option based on what they can afford (check our own products on how we do this). For example, the product at its full price may cost $97. You can offer the same product for $87 for those that struggle to afford the full $97. The third option is to let them choose the $77 payment option (for those who need a lot of help). Of course, these are just ideas. Make sure you give people who pay full price an extra bonus. You can call the 3 levels something like this: “I want the whole Enchilada and gladly take the bonus.” Second level would be: “I’d love to get it all but I need a bit of help.” And the last level could say: “This is the best I can do for now.” I chose this particular pay it forward system to see which would perform better (giving them completely free reign and let them set their own price or giving them three prices to choose from). People have not yet learned that money is a means of energy exchange. They feel that if they pay a dollar that is really worth $100 is a great steal, when in fact all they get out of the program is literally $1 dollar’s worth. What people put in is what they will get out, it’s as simple as that. So it’s not surprising that almost no one takes the middle option and between the “needing a lot of help” and the “I want it all” there is about a 50/50 ratio. And sales have not dropped. This really works. Most of all, you not only pay it forward to them but you empower people to make an investment in themselves by choosing their own amount.

Let’s Do This Together!

Join the Core Freedom Kiva Team

Pay It Forward to Kiva

Pay it Forward with Loans That Support Micro-Entrepreneurship to Those Less Fortunate

Have you ever wondered where the 10-20% really goes when you donate to a non-profit organization or church? Have you stopped giving your energy through money because you don’t have a trustworthy source to give it to?
I know the feeling.
Part of my personal eagerness to pay it forward was the decision to ‘loan’ money to Kiva entrepreneurs instead of just giving the money away without knowing what actually happens to it. Perhaps having been an instructor to low-income women entrepreneurs teaching them how to write business plans and start a business, in combination of having been in Silicon Valley building teams for start-up companies, has given me a good overview of what it really takes to start, run, sustain and build a successful business. It’s not a cake walk and some of these underprivileged entrepreneurs in third world countries truly deserve an opportunity. Opportunities to pay it forward are boundless!
What is success in the U.S. or Europe may not be success to a widowed woman with health challenges and 4 children to raise in the mountains of Peru. To her, success is getting through the end of the day and knowing that her children are fed and able to go to school. To her, paying rent on time without the presence of a man is more success than any multi-million dollar company.
It is in that spirit that I pay it forward with love in supporting Kiva’s growing list of entrepreneurs from all around the world and supporting individuals to whom a few dollars may mean survival for their family.

One Kiva Pay It Forward Sample Story

Let’s look at this pay it forward success story.
Angela was widowed 2 years ago; she is a 67 year old and raises her three children and her grandson. Her children all chip in supporting household expenses. She sells cheese and sweets door to door to her community and near-by communities. Because of health challenges and the far walking her children go from door to door to collect the money that is due for the goods they buy. She is making a $2000 loan request through Kiva in order to buy more sweets at wholesale prices, which will enable her to get a higher profit margin (you gotta love it :D ).
I am all for helping women like Angela, who live in third-world countries, stand on their own feet. At 67 many women enjoy a retirement, no matter how frugally, whereas Angela is continuing to work and support her children and grand children, in spite of health challenges. Supporting someone like Angela is a true pay it forward success story.

How Kiva Works

In the truest sense of the words “pay it forward,” we can’t call Kiva a pay it forward principle. It’s a platform where micro-entrepreneurs from all over the world along with their banks are tied together in one place (Kiva), so that people like you and myself can let the overflow of money go to good use. What makes this system a true pay it forward system is the fact that you do not take the money back and then pocket what you originally loaned but you continue to pay it forward to someone else. So Kiva is not the pay it forward place, YOU are by making the decision to keeping the $25 cycling from one micro-entrepreneur to the next. This is pay it forward at its best.

Who would have thought that you could pay it forward with $25 and then cycle the same $25 through countless other entrepreneurs who are just waiting for you to pay it forward to them!?

Kiva is brilliant!

I love the pay it forward principle, especially when I can support a hard working entrepreneurs in an area of the world where life is so much more challenging than in our mostly comfortable Western society.

Just how does Kiva work?

As you read above, Angela was looking to borrow $2,000 in order to buy more products at wholesale prices. She goes to a local bank, in her case a bank in Peru, who is associated with Kiva, and submits for the loan request. Pictures and her story are posted on the Kiva website, where people like me can read about her and choose to support her along with her people who love to pay it forward by getting involved. Loans start as low as $25. I can loan the entire $2,000 if I wanted to, or just $25. I don’t recommend making one lump sum for business and energetic reasons. If 80 people invested $25 in Angela, she has the energetic support of 80 people, compared to just my energy alone. And granted, my energy is freakin’ powerful, but let’s be real here – getting the support from 80 people who believe in her provides so much moment to get the ball rolling for her, she needs this! And the 80 people, although the never meet, are inadvertently also touched by each others’ energy. Don’t underestimate the power of energy when you pay it forward!
What happens to this $25? Does she pay it forward to someone else?

I’m glad you asked. As she does well in her business she pays her bank back, who replenishes the investors’ Kiva accounts accordingly. In other words, as she pays her loan back, she, via the bank, returns the $25 into my account so I can go out and support someone else with the same $25.

Do you know how flippin’ powerful this is!?

The same $25 that originally overflowed from me to her and now has overflowed from her back to me, can now overflow from me once again to someone else! This is the purest representation of our very own Mother Nature. Humans mostly believe in give-and-take but this principle can’t be found in Nature at all. What can be found is the give-re-give cycle. Just like the water filled clouds overflow and pour rain onto the earth below, the soil returns its overflowing gifts in form of moisture, dew, fog – back to the skies to form clouds once again. And the cycle begins anew.

We see this principle everywhere in Nature, humanity is just a bit slow in “getting it.” And that’s okay – eternity is a heck of a long time and that’s really how long we have to get it right. Let’s start with the pay it forward energy.