Benjamin-Suit2Benjamin shares about his original tension of stress that he was experiencing when approaching women. Can you relate? The more he learned about how to overcome stress, the more tense he became. Not getting why he wasn’t experiencing peace and freedom when approaching women, he decided to just let it all go. And then the miracle happened. Stress dissipated and an inner peace and freedom overcame him, and his life changed forever.

Benjamin Langley is a best selling Amazon Kindle author of: The Breathe Method as well as How To Improve Concentration Fast.

I also share about hang-ups that women can experience about their fear of being approached by a man. Women have a tendency to pack on weight and then go on a diet roller coaster, but never really see the real reason for why they are packing on weight in the first place. Most women gain weight to remain unattractive, to feel unsexy and unapproachable. It’s a form of security measure and assurance to men not approaching us. How convenient and what a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Benjamin talks about the 3 pillars that cause stress and the 10 places in our body where stress is stored. He has a free gift for our audience, which you can download HERE.

core freedom podcast logoWe also talked about various methods that are out there to helping people experience less stress and more freedom. In particular we talk about why one method may work for some and not for others, and what to do about it.

We had some great laughs and shared our fears and concerns, and how we achieve peace and freedom amidst the chaos of stress.

I encourage you to listen to this podcast.