Podcast 016: How To Deal With An Angry Person At Home

core freedom podcast logoLiving with an angry person or a person who doesn’t have a good handle on their temper can be difficult. Today’s question comes from Alvina from the Mauritius Islands.

Today’s podcast is also filmed, so if you prefer to watch the show, you can do so below.

In this podcast I am talking about Mars, yes, the planet of anger, the red planet, the god of war. Knowing where your Mars sits in your life as well as the other person’s chart, opens up pandora’s box to finding understanding.

Once you have understanding for the other person’s anger outbursts you can come to a place of decision. Caroline Myss wrote a great book called Sacred Contracts, which I highly recommend. She talks about all relationships being based on sacred contracts. Having to deal with an angry person is no exception.

It takes two to tangle. The person to get angry and the person who allows the verbal, physical, emotional or spiritual abuse to take place. When you have understanding and you realize that there are nearly 8 billion people on this planet, most of whom are angry, then you come to a place of realization that the only safe haven on this planet should be your tiny home.

Why let anger penetrate and wreck your home?

When you’ve had enough of the abuse and you have learned the lesson is when the Sacred Contract can be resolved. That’s when you can let go and the other person has served their purpose.

Dealing with an angry person often has to do with lessons of boundaries, self-worthiness, wanting to control others or not getting what you want.

Listen to the podcast and get the book, Sacred Contracts.

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