Abraham Lincoln once said:

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.”
While he may have been talking about political power or powerful leadership roles, most fail to see that every time they are faced with a decision, they are in a place of power.
Whether you're standing in the grocery store making a decision of what to buy or you're leading a multi-billion dollar company into a merger, the place of power offers the same: CHOICE.
To choose is the most important gift we have been given in this life. In order to fully utilize this gift one must apply the other most important gift, the ability to think and reason: INTELLECT.
Most people don't want to think, let alone make choices. And everyone conveniently wants power. Hhm.
Houston, we have a problem. Sheeple who walk the earth complaining about how life sucks and yet they can't even make a choice about how to treat their own body with respect, what to eat, to exercise and whom to share their bodies with.
People would rather behave and live like animals, and yet they want power and status and the good life while sticking their heads in the sand.
This podcast is about how to place yourself into a position of power in an effort to build your character. When we make choices from a place of power, our character becomes unshakeable and irresistible. That's when the boundary violations and blaming stops. That's when we can come from a place of utter responsibility and life becomes the true blessing and the fun it was meant to be.
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