core freedom podcast logoOver the past few months I've been giving several talks about my three near death experiences. One of the questions that keeps coming up again and again is about living without food. Many refer to this state as Breatharianism.

  • Why would anyone choose to live without food?
  • What does it have to do with our chakra system and our overall ascension and life here on Earth?
  • And how is it even possible?

This podcast contains a lot of information that you may not get the first time around. Listen to this podcast at least twice. You'll see why.

During the podcast I'm referring to Dr. David Hawkin's consciousness chart and his book, Power vs. Force, which you can get directly from Amazon HERE.

If you are called to a life without food or fasting for extended periods of time, you may be interested in a recorded Teleseminar I gave about my journey. Six hours of why and how I did it, the results, the good and pleasant and the not-so-good and downright unpleasant things that come along with this unusual lifestyle. Please listen to this podcast first and only click HERE after you have listened to the entire podcast and are still called to do so.

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