Podcast 022: Family Pressures And How To Deal With the Fear Of Being Alone

core freedom podcast logoAre you afraid of being alone or tired of family members pressuring you to find a life partner already?

You’re not alone. The pressures from family and friends to get on with creating a family is high. More and more women and men want to stay single longer or avoid marriage all together.

And then there are those who would loving nothing more than to find a life partner and are terrified of not finding a qualified or matching partner – ever. The fear of ending up alone is huge and a very real fear in cultures around the globe.

Listen to this podcast about how to deal with the fear of being alone and how to handle family pressures.

Remember, this is not a dress rehearsal, this is your life.

PS: If you’re interested in “holding out” and you are not willing to settle for just “any” relationship, you may be interested in this 11 week course that talks about true, divine partnerships.

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