core freedom podcast logoOver the past couple of years I have heard many people say to me that their world has come crashing down and their entire life has been changed. There didn't seem to be any warning signs, it's as if people's rugs are being pulled from under them without warning whatsoever.

Can you relate?

A common theme these past couple of years have been the urge to reduce materialism, to stop eating certain foods or to change diets all together, to lighten the load in more ways than one and several people I know are homeless. I'm not talking about your “general homeless” person, I'm talking about formerly high 6-figure earners who suddenly find themselves on the brink of ruin.

“Why is this happening?” they want to know.

This podcast gives you some pointers on dealing with a world that may have come crashing down on you. If your world is A-okay and in tact, you may still want to listen to this podcast to prepare anyways.

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