core freedom podcast logoSo many people are telling me that they are looking for a “spiritual partner.” Women in particular are more vocal about wanting a great man who is in touch with his and her feelings, one that is on a spiritual path and not just chasing after money, success or other women.

The good news is – there are plenty of great men out there who fit this profile! And I know how and where to find them…

The bad news is that those who make such a request are often some of the least spiritual people and thus they attract quite the opposite, to their surprise.

Why is this? And how can you meet a spiritual, great man who is also available on every level to be in a relationship with you?

Listen to this podcast to find out how and where to find a great man on a spiritual journey, one who is sensitive and in touch with his and your feelings.

And just so you're not too disappointed with the answer, let me tell you that you won't find them where you think they are. In fact, it's not even about him – it's about something else entirely.

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