Podcast 026: How To End Loneliness and Achieve Real Intimacy

Relationship and Coaching Success Formula

Why People Don’t Share Their Soul As Easily

If you’re interested in ending loneliness and want to create real intimacy in both your personal and professional life, you’ve come to the right podcast.

Loneliness – a World Epidemic

Loneliness is a worldwide epidemic. I see it with my coaching clients and I see it as a trained grief and suicide hotline counselor. It shouldn’t be this way. We have over 7.5 billion people living on this planet – why do we feel lonelier and more abandoned than ever?

In this podcast I dig deep into my coaching practice and reveal some secrets of why CEOs and presidents work with me. People tell me things they haven’t even shared with their spouse of 20 years. How so?

Ego vs. The Soul

In this podcast I’ll talk about the difference between ego and your soul. We will first examine the chakra system and how relationships are built from the “bottom up” and how we can directly practice mental alchemy by understanding and working with our chakra system.

Transparency and Honesty

My clients come to me because they want to understand themselves better and have the opportunity to be honest and to learn how to be more authentic with the people in their own lives.

Confidentiality and Neutrality

We’ll talk about keeping secrets and maintaining confidentiality and neutrality at all times. Something very few people manage in this world.

I will share with you two ways most people sabotage intimacy and closeness with both, their loved ones and strangers. Follow these two little tips and your relationships will be frothed with peace like never before.

Why is it that people gossip so easily, especially with other people’s business that was told to them in secret?

I will share with you a simple step to why we are incapable of holding other people’s secrets, including our own. And how to change this.

Consistency and Predictability

What do consistency and predictability have to do with creating closeness? More than you think!

Listen to this podcast now and take good notes. Then take inventory of your own life and how you treat your friends, loved ones and strangers. And then strive to becoming someone’s confidant. Practice, practice, practice!

“Do not speak, unless you can improve upon the silence.” Mahatma Gandhi