Podcast 028: Your Spiritual Evolution – Understand Ego vs. Soul

core freedom podcast logoMost people ask questions from the place of ego. Questions asked by the ego differ greatly from questions our soul would ask. As you will see in this podcast.

Hearing what our soul wants and understanding that we are here to evolve our soul (not our body), and understanding our chakra system and how it all ties together with us finding inner peace and freedom, can truly make all the difference in the world between being a person of inner peace or a person of inner turmoil.

  • What is a soul?
  • What is ego?
  • Why are we really here?

In this podcast I will give you an overview of what the ego is and what the soul is. We will examine some commonly asked questions and get to the bottom of the difference between the ego and the soul.

Are your questions coming from ego or the soul?

I will give you the 5 most common questions asked by the ego and how to to turn the same question around so you will speak from your soul.

Then I will give you 5 steps to take to make peace with this chatter box (the ego), and how to hear your soul’s gentle whispering.

This is one of my most important podcasts. Listen to it at least twice.

Book Recommendations

In the podcast I refer to the Scale of Consciousness and Dr. David Hawkin’s book, Power vs. Force, which you can get here on Amazon.

I also talk about The 4 Gateways and how we each must walk through the gateway of fear to get to the gateway of clarity. You can get The 4 Gateways on Amazon here.

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