Podcast 030: Why So Many People Lack Ethics and Integrity

core freedom podcast logoAre You an Ethical Person?

Is Integrity One of Your Life’s Foundations?

Countless books have been written about ethics and integrity. And yet we encounter very few people who are truly ethical, while living their lives based on integrity. It seems as though everywhere we turn we see governments, corporations, police forces and our very own friends, that lack ethics and integrity. Corruption seems to be more the theme than ethics and integrity are.

I saw a post once that read: “Why is it so hard to trust people? The real questions is, why is it so hard to tell the truth.”

You may be inclined to say “yes.” Hold your horses!

Listen to this podcast where I’ll cover 10 simple and every-day occurrences that we all deal with at one point or another, and test yourself against these situations.

I’ll give you a hint: integrity is doing the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing, especially when no one is watching.

In our next podcast we’ll be talking about lies. Flat-out lies, white lies, lies of omission, and when it’s okay or not okay to lie. These two podcasts tie together like two matching gloves.

Listen to today’s podcast below. Remember to call in your questions HERE.