Podcast 032: How Three Near Death Experiences Affect Intuitive Channels

core freedom podcast logoEveryone has intuitive channels and therefore intuitive “abilities” or “gift.” Frankly, to call intuition a gift or an ability is not at all correct. It’s more like that we’ve been given so much unnecessary crap growing up that has served to squash our intuitive channels, that most have lost touch or confidence in reading their own intuition.

I was no different. After my first near death experience at the age of 5, I know with certainty that this life was a ‘dream’ and that the ‘other side’ was real. I tried telling my mother but she asked me not to talk of such non-sense.

We often dismiss children when they want to talk to us about what they see, the boogie man or the imaginary friend. We learn early on that the only thing worth talking about and believing in are the things we can see with our eyes, touch with our hands and understand with our left-brained intellect. All else is rubbish.

Not so fast. If we understood and remembered all created and seen things with our eyes first existed in the unseen, inner realm, the realm of the mind, then we would be more keen to pay attention to that inner world.

The government is catching on quickly and they’re doing whatever it takes to get into your mind, to control it, to gather information from it and to program it with information they want to feed to us.

So where does intuition come from and how does it fit into this picture?

How can three near death experiences aid in the expansion of those channels?

Listen to this podcast about how each of my near death experiences assisted in my intuitive channels cracking up more and more.

The next podcast will be about how to perform intuitive readings, how to do “blind readings” and I’ll even give you an actual intuitive (blind) reading, which I will reveal at the end so you can see just how easy it is to go around your ego to do an intuitive reading.


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