Podcast 035: The Difference Between Karma and Cause & Effect

core freedom podcast logoThank you, Peter, for asking this great question: “What’s the difference between karma and cause and effect?”

The two seem similar but are not the same at all. It’s important that you understand the difference between “cause and effect” because it is the basis for your evolutionary journey.

Karma is disempowering because it is man-made (listen to the podcast as to why). Cause and effect is a Universal law and essential in understanding why your life is unfolding in the way it does. If you want to understand why there is so much agony in this world, then understand cause and effect and you’ll have all the answers you need. Not only to understanding the sufferings on this planet, but how to fix it.

Until people understand and know “cause,” this world and its humans will not be able to change and will continue to chase after fixing effect with another effect. Know “cause” and you will have the magic formula to all of your sufferings as well as have the key to all of your creations.

The man who explained “cause and effect” the best is Walter Russell, in his book, The Secret of Light. You can get it on Amazon HERE.

As promised in the podcast, here is a picture of the drawing I talked about.

Cause and EffectAs you can see, “cause and effect” are like a Universal seesaw.

– There is always only one cause for every two effects.

– Cause is always internal, effects are always external.

– Cause draws from the ocean of desire.

– Effects are the outward manifestations of your inner desires.

To create effects that you are pleased with you must dip your soul into the ocean of desire that is pure love and nothing but love. Anything less than that will draw from oceans that will result in effects reflecting those desires.

Here is a beautiful story of a young waitress that paid two exhausted firefighters’ breakfasts as a gesture of gratitude. The cause for her act was pure love. Here is what happened after:

Effect 1: The firefighters turned around and posted the note she wrote to them on Facebook, bragging about her great service and gesture and recommending others to visit her diner and tip her big.

Effect 2: Someone found out that she had a crowd funding campaign going, for which she was hoping to raise $17,000 to buy a wheel chair accessible van for her paraplegic father. It was her who needed the help!

Effect 3: Within just a few days she raised over $70,000!

When “cause” is love, the effects can’t be anything but a reflection of that. Sow seeds of love and your fruits will be fruits of love as well.

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