Podcast 037: How Do I Love While Practicing Non-Attachment?

“How Do I Love While Practicing Non-Attachment?”

core freedom podcast logoThis is the question that came in from our wonderful caller, Margarita.

Buddha once said that all “life is suffering.” This is often misunderstood by people, making them feel like there is no point in trying to be happy at all since all life is suffering anyways.

The suffering comes from the attachment to things and people; life itself is not suffering at all, once we understand this. We are encouraged to have hope and expectations, but the moment we attach ourselves to a specific outcome and then don’t get what we hope for and so desperately want, we then suffer. We get angry, we get sad, we throw a temper tantrum and we go on a rampage demanding whatever it is that we feel is our birth right.

The selfless and detached man or woman knows that everything is fleeting, including life itself. Attaching to anything or anyone makes no sense in a mind that is evolved. When this occurs, true peace and freedom reign – from within first – and then from without.

Be careful though, there is a fine line between not caring or being indifferent and being truly unattached while loving unconditionally, fully and completely.

So how do we detach while remaining full present?

Find out in this week’s podcast.

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