Protect Yourself With a Shield So Others Can’t Read You

core freedom podcast logoThere is nothing more annoying than having someone else, a stranger at that, read your energy field from afar, or up close.

If you’ve been “read” before you know exactly what I’m talking about. Being “read” by someone who didn’t ask your explicit permission is invasive, distracting and it feels yukky and slimy all around.

Not only does it feel bad, it’s also inappropriate and can be downright dangerous.

Very few people understand what ethics and integrity are, especially as it relates to entering someone else’s energy field. It requires the ultimate in non-attachment and non-judgement, something most people can’t even understand.

To those of you who are not aware of being “read,” I want you to keep in mind that just because your awareness gauge is not yet developed enough to these energies, this doesn’t mean it’s not happening to you. In fact, it’s happening all the time, more and more, unbeknownst to most.

The Solution – Scrambled Energies

While it would be nice to make people’s invasive trespassing go away, we don’t have the right to influence others in what they think or what they do, even if they attempt to cross the boundaries of our energy field. We can, however, place a protective shield around ourselves and then scramble the energies so that not only are you then hard to find, but even if they should find you, your energy is giving out mixed and scrambled signals are that inaccurate at best.

Sadly, in the line of work that I’m in, people all too frequently offer “free readings” and feel that they are doing me a favor or that their readings are welcomed or important. I get at least one if not several comments and emails each week from someone who is sending me a free reading about what they are “getting” about me. These are strangers who are sending in their unsolicited opinions. They’re intentions may be good, or not, and little do they know that the information they are getting is as inaccurate as it could possibly be. I designed it to be this way, and this podcast talks about how to shield yourself from unwanted “reads” and having your energy field tapped into by individuals you don’t even know, including those you may know.

Listen to this podcast for more information.

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