Podcast 041: Narcissism – Should You Stay Or Leave?

core freedom podcast logoAn anonymous caller shares her personal story of living with her husband who has been diagnosed with Narcissistic Personal Disorder (NPD). She is currently separated from him and she wants to know if people with NPD can change.

There is a lot to be said about NPD and narcissistic tendencies. It’s possible to have narcissistic tendencies but not have the condition be so overbearing that a diagnoses of NPD can be made. Listen to the podcast for more details.

I will share with you about the energetic inception of Narcissus, a handsome, beautiful hunter, who was in love with himself to the point where he was incapable of returning someone else’s love. Nemesis punished him by leading him to the river where he would see his own reflection.

Echo fell in love with Narcissus but Echo had been cursed by Hera, wife of Zeus. Hera, in her jealously, out of revenge placed a curse on Echo (nymph) for protecting Zeus. She was to lose her own voice and only repeat the last few words of what others were saying. Echo contributed to Narcissus’ vanity by repeating everything he said to his own reflection in the water. Listen to the podcast for the whole story.

There are many other forms of narcissism in today’s world. Most religions are frothed with religious narcissism, believing their religion is the only one, while talking bad about others.

Governments do the same by claiming that their country is the greatest and everyone else is sub-standard.

The most dangerous kind of narcissism is spiritual narcissism. These are people who make you believe that you must have a guru or master and that without such a teacher you will be doomed and incapable of ascending to the next level.

When I embarked on the journey of not eating I told my best friend about it, who in turn told her partner about it (he was from India). The next day she contacted me with an urgent message from him, that only those who were touched and gifted by a sage and guru would possess such abilities and to not stop eating or I would sure die.

While his intentions were probably good, he was clearly brain washed into believing that only people from India who had been bestowed a special gift were able to pass on such abilities. He completely missed the point that Spirit is so much greater than any human being stuck in this four-layered body suit.

Your initiation is your own journey and you don’t need just one person or one sage or one teacher or one guru to guide your way. Guidance can come from a rock, a planet, an insect, a newspaper headline, anything.

The question here is – what is real narcissism, how does it reveal itself and what can be done with it?

If you find yourself in a relationship with a narcissist, should stay or leave?

Find out here by listen to today’s podcast. Enjoy!

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