Podcast 043: Women Who Struggle With Their Femininity

core freedom podcast logoMary Ann brought up a great question. How do we reconcile the inner turmoil between being born a woman but feeling so much more like a man?

This doesn’t have anything to do with homosexuality, it has everything to do with our individual journey here, whether you’re a man or a woman.

Were you born in a female body but have always felt more masculine?

Is it easier for you to get along with men (as a woman) than it is with women?

Cha~zay and sister on farm tractorOr are you a man who has always felt more peace around women than men?

In this podcast I will share four possible reasons – food for thought per se – that may help shed some light on this very important topic.  I will also share some pointers on what you can do to help you find more balance with the body and gender that you have chosen to be here with.

I will also share about my impending journey to the French Riviera, for the very same reason we are talking about today.


PS: During the podcast I promised to show a picture of my sister and I. As you can see, I rule the tractor and the tomboy-ish look. My sister behind me (a year younger) even has the shy, pose of a girlie-girl. It’s still like this today. We couldn’t be more different and our birthdays are only 2 days apart. Go figure!

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