core freedom podcast logoThat’s the question asked by Marianne – and the topic of today’s podcast. We are not only going to talk about infidelity and cheating, we are going to talk about Male Micro-Chimerism and why it’s so darn painful to get cheated on. There is not only an emotional explanation for this horrendous pain, there is a physiological explanation as well. And we’re going to dig deep today. So deep in fact, this is my longest podcast yet.

I will share with you the 3 things not to do after you’ve been cheated on. And the steps to take, including falling apart, to help rebuild yourself after cheating has ruined a good marriage.

Then I will talk about how to spot a cheater (man or woman) before you get into your next relationship. There are ways to get to the bottom of whether or not someone has the potential of cheating on you. Find out what these signs are.

Enjoy today’s podcast!

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