core freedom podcast logoSarah from Australia wants to know how to respect others, how to know whom to give time to and how to not feel so depleted and defeated when we give our respect to the wrong people.

Listen to Sarah’s question and my response to this very important topic in today’s podcast.

We respect or not respect people for many countless different reasons. Sometimes we admire and respect a person’s abilities or their achievements, such as awards, fame or their financial status. Other times we respect people for their personal, internal achievements, such as becoming an optimistic person after being mostly a pessimistic or complaining person.

  • What exactly is respect?
  • Who deserves our respect?
  • When respect is gone, how do we regain it?
  • What do respect have to do with trust and love?
  • What does self-respect have to do with respecting others?

Listen to today’s podcast and find out for yourself.


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