core freedom podcast logoDoes the location where you live influence your every day well being?

Yes, it does!

Is it possible to change your entire life around simply by moving to another city?

Yes it is!

Today’s podcast is all about astro-locality. Bob Peters, whom is one of my inner circle consultants, joins me today as we are talking about the massive impact our celestial bodies have on our every day well being. Perhaps life has been a struggle for you? The answer might be in the stars. Literally.

Listen to today’s podcast to learn how astro-locality shapes and influences you every day move. Learn how to take your life into your own hands, work with these celestial teachers and make the best out of any situation. No matter where you live.

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About Bob Peters

Bob PetersIn addition to founding and running Phoenix Books Ltd. for over 43 years, Robert has been developing an extensive knowledge and a unique technique of using astrology to support people to clarify purpose in life and how to do things more successfully in proper Divine timing. He feels that computer delineations are just scratching the surface and do not synthesize a persons intentions, life experiences, karmic circumstances, and uniqueness whereas his work does all of the above.

His background includes involvement in Theosophy, Rosicrucianism , Psychotronics, Meditation practices and multiple healing modalities.

Classically he has studied Jungian Psychology and worked in Library Sciences and the field of Architecture before opening the bookstore. He fully enjoys helping people find their individual path or life purpose.

A Preliminary Analysis reveals your pre-birth plan for accomplishment.

Projection Analysis clarifies what is coming up in the next year and is done on a linear graphic format

Relationship Charts can be set for:

* Romantic Potential
* Business
* Family Connections
* Karmic/past life connections.

Locality Map

A United States map showing states and major cities on which your astrological chart has been  over layed. This can be set for

1. US, Canada and Mexico
2. South America.
3. Europe
4. Asia and Southeast Asia
5. China, Russia
6. Australia and New Zealand
7. Egypt/Africa.

Astro Synastry Charts

Every state and many cities have astrological charts which represents the energetics of the locality. By inserting the city or state planetary positions in a natal chart we can define, by looking at the house positions and aspects, the influence of the city or state on your personal life.

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Today’s podcast was brought to you by Money and Metaphysics. Enroll today for only $1 using this coupon: