Podcast 053: For Healers and Coaches – Building Your Practice Right From The Ground Up

As a fellow ‘healer' and holistic life coach and Reiki Master, I know what it's like a have a deep longing to want to help as many people as possible. I redesigned my practice and my life so I could sing to a different tune:Carcassone Castle, 614 x 346

  • I serve many more people today even though I no longer see clients face-to-face.
  • My income has not only increased, most of it flows in passively and from multiple streams.
  • I have much more freedom on my hands today. In fact, I just traveled through France for 3 months visiting castles, cathedrals and palaces (here is a picture of the beautiful Carcassone castle in the South of France).

Does this sound appealing to you? Then keep reading.

What Do You Want Your Coaching and Healing Practice To Do For You?

Let's face it, you know what you want your practice to do for your clients: you want to bring healing and hope to those who come see you. Most of us probably would agree that these are some of the main ingredients of why you became a coach or healer in the first place.

But what about you?

What do you want your coaching practice to do for you?

pendulum-dowsing-healingMost healers and coaches have a difficult time of really describing their dream life and what they want their practice to do for them. It's not surprise. Coaches and healers are givers. You often pour yourself out beyond your limit, because that's how you're wired. And while this may sound noble, it's not sustainable in the long run and it's a sure fire way to giving you burn out. Before long you'll be needing a series of healers and coaches yourself. Don't let it get there. Re-structure!

There are many ways to building your coaching and healing practice, no matter your chosen modalities. What is important to keep in mind, however, is your long term goals. When you see clients face-to-face or you are required to see them because you are a massage therapist or a Reiki Master, you are always faced with the challenge of trading time for money.

Why Do People Come To See You?

Over time you will fill your clients and your schedule will become full and you will be forced to either say: “Sorry, I no longer take new clients,” or you will have to increase your rates to the point where only a few will be able to afford you. Neither is very productive and probably not why you wanted to become a coach or healer in the first place.

There is a better way.

  • In this podcast I talk about what a true healer really does. Are you a true healer or do you just call yourself that because your title says so and because your intentions are noble?
  • Isn't the real reason why people come to for healing the fact that they feel the need to heal a part of their life?
  • Doesn't healing infer or imply that something is broken?
  • What if nothing and no one is broken and there is nothing to be healed and the true reason people come to see you is because they want you to set them free from their prisons?

Are You Fit To Be a Healer Or Coach?

The question then begs:

  • Are you yourself truly free at your core from your own issues, the very issues you're trying to help your clients with?
  • If your parents or a child or a friend need your help for several months and you can no longer see your clients due to location or time constraints, is your business currently set up so you can live off your residual income for a while? Or are you trading time for money?
  • What does true freedom mean to you?

Structure Your Practice So You Can Run It Mostly On Auto-Pilot

beach_hd_widescreen_wallpapers_1920x1200I share in this podcast how I spend approximately 80% of my time creating online courses that can be set on auto-pilot. As a result I have clients all over the world today. Those who wish to learn at 3 a.m. can do so and I get to wake up to great comments from students from all walks of life who had major life shifts while I was off in la-la-land dreaming of all the places I still want to go see.

20% of my time is dedicated between the very few coaching clients I do have and the technical hoopla that goes with running an online coaching practice.

If waking up to happy clients and more ka-ching sounds delightful to you, listen to this podcast and watch some of my videos of how I can help you get set up. Don't worry, I know setting up and running a healing or coaching practice doesn't make you cash-rich. That's why my courses are priced super reasonable. Most of my courses retail for under $50 and I always extend gratitude to current students and podcast listeners.

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