Does Your Man Impress You?

I've heard on several occasions that women are looking for men they can be impressed with. Yes, this is coming from women who consider themselves spiritual and rather advanced on the evolutionary scale. On second thought, however, is it not just the ego that needs to be impressed? The soul is not here to impress or to be impressed, the soul is here to evolve and expand.

Being Impressed Is Not Sustainable

There is something fundamentally wrong with the need to be with a man that impresses you. Namely, it's not sustainable and will drive most men right into their graves. The very concept of masculine energy is to give and do and act. The very concept of feminine energy is to attract that masculine energy and then to re-give it to the masculine to fill its cup – so it can continue to give, do and act.

This doesn't apply to just romantic relationships, this is the basis of the masculine/feminine energy exchange. You don't have to be in a romantic relationship to get this concept. This applies to the men and women you meet throughout your day.

Exhausting Today's Men

I'm not a man and can only speak of what is being shared with me. These men are exhausted, often times broken and at the end of their rope. From a man's point of view, he educates himself to becomes great at what he does for a living, he uses that expertise and his success to most likely take care of his family. He continues to climb the ladder of success and continues to provide for his family. He does this for decades – until the day when his retirement comes. And then what?

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Retirement Is Not All It's Cracked Up To Be

sad manMost men, unlike common belief, go through a crisis on that day, which they may or may not get over. All of their lives they have been needed, admired and looked to for their expertise. Employees, bosses, their wives all looked to them for answers. These men were needed and they felt it. Now all of a sudden they are “shoved aside” and replaced with a younger model that can do the same job three times as fast.

This is about when many women start to look to younger men for stimulation. Out with the old, in with the new…

Appreciation – Gratitude – Respect – Love

Men of today, yesterday and tomorrow all need appreciation, gratitude, and respect – which equals to love on their part. Women want the same but they may use different labels to say the same thing.

Men do not need the added-on pressure of a woman who needs to be impressed by their achievements, their successes and their bank accounts. If a man is with such a woman he innately knows that the time will come sooner or later where she will stop being impressed by him. And this knowledge, even if subconscious, drives a man to give up.

Providing Healing For Our Men

It's so easy for women of today to provide the healing our men of today need by being in her own power. When women turn their attention to being impressed by their own evolution as a woman, the focus on men ceases to put the unnecessary pressure on them and they can flourish and do what they've come to do. They can then rest and heal within the power of a woman who realizes her true power.

A woman who needs to be impressed by her man isn't in her power. On the contrary, she's looking to him to provide her with that power in form of being impressed. This is a recipe for disaster and the relationship is marked for death before it even began. Don't do that.

Being Impressed With Character

Instead work on being impressed with your own character development. Attract to you a man who works on his own character development as well, which should be the only thing making an impression on us anyways. All else is fleeting.

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Today's podcast was brought to you by SACRED RELATIONSHIPS. Enroll today with this special coupon.