Podcast 064, Things Every Entrepreneur May Struggle With

Before you quit your job and become an entrepreneur, make sure you listen to this podcast.

It's not all glory and freedom and there are many distractions and frustrations heading your way.

Entrepreneurs may make a heck of a lot more money than employees or business owners, but it does come at a cost.

Here are just a few things that entrepreneurs can struggle with:


  • Working too much or too little.

  • Loneliness – doing it all by yourself and not meeting up with other like-minded individuals.

  • Lack of exercise.

  • Getting sidetracked by the next shiny new gadget.

  • Distractions, such as television, kitchen nearby, etc.

  • And so much more.

Listen to this podcast or watch the podcast below for more tips before you start your journey as an entrepreneur.

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