Podcast 065: Monthly Expenses for Entrepreneurs Living The Mobile Lifestyle

People often wonder what it really takes on a monthly basis to be a micro entrepreneur. What's your minimum monthly layout?

Entrepreneurship is a big word and there are many types of different entrepreneurs. Some work with other entrepreneurs in join venture formats and still others prefer to work alone. Some dabble in all kinds of different industries and still others just want to do one thing.

The number of ‘things' you want to have your hands in determines your monthly layout.

If all you want to do is one thing and work alone, you might get buy with just your laptop, internet and your writing skills. Others may want to produce a business where you create meditations for people and then you have to decide if you want to make those downloadable or if you want to create shippable CDs. Your decisions will determine your monthly layout.

This podcast is about the basics you will need to think about as an entrepreneur that wants to live the mobile lifestyle.

I used to think that entrepreneurship is this big, complicated and messy thing, when in fact the whole point of entrepreneurship is to live a life tooting to your own horn. Today my philosophy about entrepreneur is quite simple:

Work with whom you want, when you want and from wherever you want – doing what you love most.

If this resonates with you, listen to this podcast.

Wishing you much fun in whatever you decide to do with your life!

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