When Dark Energies Enter The Crown Chakra

Podcast 067

Angel called and said that she is feeling dark energies enter her crown chakra every time she begins to meditate and closes her eyes.

This podcast is about dealing with dark energies and how to protect yourself and your space from dark energies having a hay day with you.

If you do not accept the existence of dark (or light) energies, save yourself the time and find something else to listen to. 🙂

We'll be discussing the following topics:

  • Getting clear with your ‘entry points‘ for dark energies to enter in the first place.
  • Coming to a place of detachment when it comes to ‘dark energies.'
  • Clearing yourself.
  • Clearing your personal space.
  • Protective measures.
  • Three different types of meditations that may help you become grounded.

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