with Dr. Cha~zay

Podcast 073

A frequent question, comment or challenge that I hear a lot about is having to deal with over-active levels of empathy or wide open intuitive channels that make it difficult to function in every-day life.

Perhaps you can relate?

After teaching over 33,000 students from over 160 countries to date, I’ve seen countless levels of empathy and intuitive levels, some that are easier to deal with, and others that make it challenging for people to go about their daily life. And unfortunately, many question begin to question their sanity and sadly, too many reach for medications or natural drugs to sedate the mind. That’s just too bad because it’s not necessary at all to tranquilize yourself with pharmaceuticals, unless you’re in the care of a physician who says otherwise.

This podcast sheds some light on why our levels of empathy are increasingly open, how to cope and perhaps hearing how I deal with my own sensitivities may help you not feel so alone, while giving you some practical steps to dealing with your wonderful channels of intuition and empathy.