Can Depression and Suicide Be Seen in Your Blueprint?

Podcast 075

with Cha~zay, Ph.D., C.H. and Curtis Williams, MA, A.P.D., CRTM

It takes no genius to see that depression and suicides are on the rise at alarming rates, but what’s even more disturbing is the age of young suicide victims. Just a few days ago a 9 year old committed suicide because he was bullied at school.

I’m in my 50s today but I remember my own suicide attempt at age 15 like it was yesterday. I almost succeeded and did have a near death experience, which I talk about in other videos and podcasts and also in my book.

As a result of this event in my life, my entire life changed, for the better. Later I became a trained Grief and Suicide Hotline Counselor and Ordained Minister (non-denominational), a Holistic Life Coach, and today the work as a Metaphysician is dedicated to the evolution of the human soul. And part of that is helping people experience true freedom at their inner core.

It's not an easy road – this human journey – neither for myself nor for my students and clients. However, it can be done. It must be done. And your template can show you how to enjoy your life.

My research for answers about why some people are more depressed than others, causes that bring on episodes and triggers that make someone want to call it quits for good – I searched for explanations beyond psychological or dietary reasoning. On my search I came across a beautiful article by Curtis Williams, MA, A.P.D., CRTM. You'll find a link to the article and his contact information below, along with International numbers for Suicide Hotlines.

I invited him to do this podcast because the answer to whether or not depression and suicide can be seen in your blueprint is a big, loud, resounding YES!

What you and I need to do is familiarize ourselves with our unique template. If you are a parent make sure you familiarize yourself with your children's templates as well (and your spouse's). When we do, we not only see our predisposition for depression and potential warnings for suicidal tendencies but we can work with our template to get a heads-up of when an episode is on the horizon.

This template can give you the when, the how, and even tell you how long the episode will last. Equipped with this information we can then prepare and surround us with the people we need and adjust our life style accordingly.

There something else we'll talk about. And that's the coldness and downright cruel behavior of those that have little compassion for those who feel suicidal. We've all heard a person use words like selfish, or that those who call it quits are taking the easy way out or that they're cowards. What is this all about, a person who has neither understanding nor compassion nor empathy for people who are down and out?

Even this coldness, or lack of empathy and compassion can be seen in people's blueprint (template). We'll talk about this as well.

Watch the podcast in video here or listen to the podcast using the above link.

Curtis Williams, MA, A.P.D., CRTM


Article: Astrological Dynamics of Depression

International Suicide Hotline Numbers

If you’re in the United States, call 1-800-SUICIDE if you feel suicidal.

If you’re outside of the US, check the list of countries below first. If you can’t find your country listed below, visit this site and search for a hotline in your country:


Check for number nearest you:


Beijing – Befrienders 03-5286-9090
Hong Kong – The Samaritans HK 2896-0000
Shanghai – Life Line 021-6279-8990

England – United Kingdom

CHILDLINE  0800-1111
Family Line  0808-800-5678
Papyrus Hopeline  0870-1704000
The Samaritans  08457-90-90-90


National crisis line – 01-45-39-40-00


SNEHA A Link With Life 91-44-2464-0050


1life  1-800-247-100 or text the word HELP to 51444
The Samaritans 18-50-60-90-90


Befrienders Osaka  81-066-260-4343
Children & Families  03-4550-1146
Counseling Center  03-4550-1146
Life Line Tokyo  03-5774-0992


National crisis line  0900-1450

New Zealand

LifeLine NZ  09-5222-999 within Auckland
LifeLine NZ  0800-543-354 outside Auckland

Northern Ireland

Childline  1-800-666-666 -0800-1111
Contact Youth (counselling for young People)  028-90457848
Samaritans:  1-850-60-90-90 (National number charged at local call rates)
Young Persons Advice line:  0808-808 5678
Youthline:  0808-808 8000
Zest for the prevention of suicide Londonderry – 028-71266999


Age Scotland:  0845-125-9732
Breathing Space Scotland:  0800-83-85-87 – particularly for young men who may be feeling suicidal
Edinburgh Crisis Centre:  0808-801-0414
Interactions Counseling & Support Services:  01592-262869
Lothian LGBT Helpline:  0131-556-4049
NHS 24 HR Helpline:  08454-24-24-24
NHS INFORM Scotland Helpline:  0800-22-44-88
The Samaritans:  08457-90-90-90

Sri Lanka

Bandarawela:  0572222662
Kandy:  081-2234806
Katunayake:  011311020
Kohuwela  5780153
Kurunegala  0374931731
Lunugamvehera  0475781200
Matale  0662223521
Mawanelle  035-5788330
Panadura  038-2235291
Panduwasnuwara  0372291718
Panduwasnuwera  0375715815
Sumithrayo – Colombo  2692909 / 2696666 / 2683555


Nationwide: 143

United Kingdom – England

CHILDLINE  0800-1111
Family Line  0808-800-5678
Papyrus Hopeline  0870-1704000
The Samaritans  08457-90-90-90

United States

Nationwide: 1-800-SUICIDE