What Does Physical Sexuality Have To Do With Spirituality?

core freedom podcast logoThe short answer is: absolutely nothing and everything.

I could write a book about this topic. Maybe I will. For now, this post and podcast are in response to a question posted by one of my students enrolled in the Happy Relationships course. If you are not a part of this course, here is a 50% discount coupon for you.

He is asking:

“Earlier it was mentioned that a truly spiritual person knows how to utilize all the chakras in a balanced way. I know also it has been said in this course that celibate people think of expressing the lower two chakras as a squandering of spiritual energy. My question is, is it really a squandering, or can people who have a full balance of the body's seven chakras be just as spiritual as those who transmute the lower ones?”

There is no other topic than the the one about physical sexuality that confuses people, makes people see ‘red' (literally) and makes people do, see and believe the most stupid things. Why? Simple. Physical sexuality has to do with chakra 1, the root chakra, the base chakra, the very chakra that gives us a sense of (tribal) belonging and survival. It's the ‘thing' that makes us feel alive and “in the body,” that gives us pleasures and sensations that seemingly can't be obtained any other way than reaching climax. It's also the chakra that keeps our legacy or family tree alive and overall – what keeps our human species survive.

The Number 666

666Here is part of my answer to my student's question. I decided to share this with my readers because it's such an important topic. Also make sure to listen to the podcast, which goes into platonic solids, the numbers 666, hell, ether and Spirit coming forth into a world of matter.

In order to understand sexuality one really must understand the base platonic solids. Spirit comes forth from Ether  (dodecahedron) and descending through Fire (tetrahedron) until its cooling period in Earth (hexahedron). The basis of all creation is carbon (12), which consists of 6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons. Aka 666, or the world of satan. Satan aka Saturn. Saturn, which rules Capricorn (which rules the bones) and Aquarius (which rules the mind). It is by no coincidence that Saturn rules both the bones (the most dense material of the human body) while at the same time ruling the mind and the zodiac pouring out sound waves. In other words, it is with your thoughts that you create your physical world. And all things created in the physical world first were created in the mind. No exception.

So what does all this have to do with sexuality and spirituality?

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What Is Spirit(D)uality?

masculine feminineThere is no judge in who or what is or is not “spiritual.” As the word “spirit(d)ualtiy” implies, Spirit having come forth in a world of duality makes all things, Beings and actions spiritual. Having said that, however, a person in touch with Spirit knows that everything has its consequences (beneficial as well as non-beneficial). When it comes to sexual energy, a person truly in touch with Spirit can see through its purpose: to keep the species going. Period. That's it.

Physical sexuality is not spiritual, it's physical.

What makes physical sexuality seem spiritual is whatever is going on in the mind at that time. In other words, there are no beneficial consequences to physical sexuality other than the species continuing. The whole act is only a deception leading to “spiritual disappointment” as it's impossible to participate in spiritual ascension through physical sexuality.

The Rapist And His Victim

tearsTake a rapist and a victim. Or an adult man thirsting for an innocent little girl or boy. One act, two completely different mindsets. To the perpetrator this may be the most “spiritual experience” of his life. To the victim not so much. The blessing (or curse) is in the mind (acted out through the body).

Spirit doesn't need physical sexuality. The body does.

The ego is in charge of the body, until a certain point in ones evolution.

The body is addicted to its pleasures and the deceptive and deceived mind makes up all kinds of stories that it can reach higher states of being with “enlightened sexuality” (vs. “unenlightened sexuality”) or even using drugs to reach that state. What a great deception.

The Thirst For Oneness

scaleThe whole belief about what is spiritual sexuality is the illusion of unionship. A person in touch with Spirit, however, knows that two things can never occupy the same space. The very act of two bodies smacking together only to become more and more tense right before orgasm is the very proof that physical sexuality is the exact opposite of what true union with Spirit is. The union of Spirit itself is the “letting go” act, the “going inward” act by means of relaxing, not the “getting more and more tense act” until a physical release frees you from the tension. Two different orgasms experienced by two different bodies experienced on a linear timeline never create an actual union, only the illusion of it. And even though the two bodies experience orgasm, the two orgasms are completely different for both people. One may be so-so, the other may be great, or both may be great, but they're never the same.

If a complete union was possible through orgasm, the experience would be one and the same, the one of ultimate oneness. But since the whole scientific process of material creations is separation from Source itself, it's impossible to use the body or anything physical to go back to that Source from where Spirit came from in the first place. Only a complete letting go can take us there, and even that for only a split second here and there.

The man or woman who know this intellectually and have experienced this union I am talking about, will see the material world for what it is, including sexuality, wealth, vanity, and even what humans call happiness.

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A Mini Death – The Ultimate Disappointment

Tbuddha with golden heart, 350x527his illusion of oneness is why most people experience a tinge of sadness after orgasm. The bubble of illusion burst and the realization of separation is ever present. Now the “hunger” for more unionship begins anew, which is why so many people are addicted to sex. They're not addicted to sex per se, but the split second of the moment right after orgasm, which gives a tiny, unrealistic window of opportunity to experience the “letting go” process. Again, a great book to read to explain this need for a ‘high,' either by means of drugs or sex, is the book Power vs. Force by Dr. David Hawkin.

True letting go means to let go of even the body, the small mind and small ego, by going inward during meditation, to separate from the body while being in the body, and to experience oneness with all Beings, all creations, including the body itself and the very rock or chair you're sitting on during meditation.

The Meaning Of The Cross

Hexahedron, earthThe true meaning of the cross is the turning inside out of the hexahedron (cube). Being that the cube represents the most solid platonic solid, which is what you get when you merge masculine sodium with feminine chloride, you can see a perfect cube under a microscope. The base for all created things is the cube, the hexahedron.

This, by the way, is also the whole mystery of the pyramids. It is the letting go of the hexahedron (material world) in an effort to expose the spiritual nature of our Spirit. Look at the pyramid, and then realize that the cube is still there (including its base), only inverted… Hence, why pyramids have such great power. The power is not in the cube as there is stress within the cube. The power is within the tetrahedron… What you do with this passion is up to you. You can use it to give your body and senses meaningless pleasure, or you can use it to transmute those very pleasures that hold you hostage here in the first place, and participate in your own ascension. Ascend you shall, how long your journey will take and how much agony you shall experience along the journey, however, is completely up to you. Free will is a beautiful thing.

Soulgasm vs. Orgasm

240px-Hexahedron_flat_color.svgWhen you look at a hexahedron you will realize that the distances to each corner are unequal, causing stress on its points, which is the basis for matter to come into existence. This the cooling off period needed in order for carbon (6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons) to come to what we call the material world.

Within the hexahedron, however, remains hidden the tetrahedron (several of them actually), which is fire and passion. When you examine the points of a tetrahedron you will find the distances from one point to every other point equal. There is no stress within a tetrahedron, which is why a tetrahedron is not an actual material creation but the necessary mechanism for masculine and feminine to come together to form a new creation. Such as hydrogen (masculine) merging with oxygen (feminine) to create a brand new substance: life giving and life sustaining water.

This vast ocean of passion and desire is the basis into which we are born. Spirit emerges from Ether down until it finds its visible existence in the cube (hexahedron), which you and I perceive as matter (a body, the chair you're sitting on, the computer you're reading this with, etc).

The Cross – The Unfolded Hexahedron and The Numbers 666

Dual_Cube-Octahedron.svgWhen you look at the cube, however, and unfold it, you will realize that it turns into a cross. This cross is what Jesus represented as having died on. What he died to is the physical pleasures of the 6 neutrons, 6 electrons and 6 protons, which are made out to be the number of the ‘dark one:' 666.

Now that you understand that ‘dark‘ means matter, you also understand that all addictions to all physical matter is what hell is. This includes physical sexuality and all sense-oriented pleasures.

The desert Jesus went to was the field of physical longing: the need for food and water (to feed the body) and the physical sensations of being a human. Facing Satan in the desert, whether literally or figuratively speaking, is what temptations are all about. Add to that the mind that tries to convince you that you “must have this or that” or you will go hungry, broke, or be sexually deprived, and you now know what ‘Satan' really is…

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The Illusion of Time and Space – Within The Hexahedron

tetrahedron-and-cube2As a person who stopped eating for nearly a year and a half, I know the journey of wanting, longing and needing food – and finally seeing that it's all a mind game. When these urges are seen for what they really are, an addiction to the physical, one can then literally crucify these addictions by literally turning their hexahedron inside out and in doing so, crucifying time and space (vertical and horizontal time line).

When you experience Spirit being so much greater than matter, is when you become truly free of this world of matter.

That's when you realize that Spirit is the spark of Source itself that has come forth in a world of matter. And you see matter as the one who is depicted as ‘Satan.' Satan then loses its powers over you, including all temptations that come from being addicted to matter (aka Satan). You can then see matter for what it really is as it has lost its hold on you. This is the most glorious moment of your earthly life. What bliss it is. I call this soulgasm. When you've experienced this, you will never mistaken an orgasm for anything else but for what it actually is, a carrot before the sheeple to get you to multiply

Sexual Energy is Sacred – Hu(e)mans

Twin Flames, Sexuality and the Ankh, with Dr. Cha~zayThis doesn't mean that physical exchanging of energies is non-sacred. On the contrary. You're no longer an animal, even though many still behave like one. Your birth as a human came with a hefty price and you were given tremendous responsibilities. Additionally you were given two magic wands that animals do not possess:

  1. The wand of reasoning (thinking) and
  2. The wand of making choices based on that reasoning.

You have free will. Animals do not. By you acting like animals and humping everything that has a pulse because you feel so in the moment means you are missing the point of what it takes to be a hue-man. The hue in hue-man is the Spirit of Source. It comes with a responsibility, one which you are here to prove you can carry out. If you can't or are unwilling to, you can always go back and reincarnate as an animal and come back as a human once again later. The choice is yours, as this is your personal journey. What you can't do, however, is live like an animal and then collect your heavily brownie points at the time of your shedding your physical 666 clump of clay while expecting ascension onto a higher dimension, which is even more subtle in energies than this dense planet. And yet that's what most humans will try to do and hope to get.

The Celibate Life Style

hydrogen oxygen water molecule1People who have experienced what I have been talking about here will most likely choose to live celibate life styles. For one, because they will find it a complete waste of their time and energies to squander such precious life source energies just to blow off that ‘climax' on personal satisfaction. It becomes a selfish act then when there is a hungry world out there whose souls are thirsting for evolution. This same physical, sexual energy then gets converted (transmuted) into something much more potent, something that serves as spiritual manna for hungry souls everywhere, for a long time to come.

Grapes, Wine, Sex and Spirituality

Octahedron, air.svgIf you don't understand this at all and wonder how come you can't have both, imagine this. We take grapes and when we juice them we get plain grape juice. But if we ferment them and add time and a few other processes, we create wine out of the same fruit. The end result is a completely different drink. One, which sadly influences the body and mind in mostly negative ways. The point I want you to get it this. Humans have the patience to grow grapes by the masses, add all kinds of expenses and processes and wait patiently for the sun and the elements to help create what so many love: the perfect wine.

And yet when it comes to ones spiritual journey and evolution, people are not willing to ‘wait‘ and do the hard work. They will do the work and wait patiently for food and drugs, yes, but not so for their own soul's development. That's like not having the patience for the grapes to do their ripening and to go from shrub to shrub to eat up all the grapes before they can ever be harvested. What wine grower does that!?

And yet the majority of humanity does exactly that with their bodies. They squander their lust for the sake of an illusion and instant gratification, only to be find that in order to get their fill they have to continue the process again and again and even then, they're never really reaching their fill on a soul level.

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Two People Are Much More Complex Than One

Sexuality impurity and twin flames, Dr. Cha~zayHaving said that, however, relationships between two people are complex and because two things can never occupy the same space, neither of these two people will be in the same place along their journey. If one person is not ready and the other is forcing them to be celibate, then love is absent. Sri Yuktesvar (Yogananda's master) talked about this with his wife. It was only when she had grown to that level of understanding herself that she left his bedroom forever. He didn't kick her out even though he had reached this understanding long before her. The same story applied to Mahatma Gandhi and his wife.

When two people do choose to share their physical bodies with each other, it is imperative that their physical energies remains untainted and undiluted of anyone else's energies.

To mix red wine with white wine only to later add champagne makes for a chaotic cocktail. So much is happening on a physical, energetic and spiritual level when more than two partners are sharing their physical, energetic and spiritual energies with a third-party – and the number of life times you add to your journey due to “cause and effect” is mind boggling. If you knew just how subtle energies worked you would choose to have zero physical partners in this life time. If you're lucky and want to keep your future life times on the lighter side, you'll have one. Everything beyond that is the setting you up of multiple lifetimes, multiple paths with much karma to be worked out.

Remember, there are only two things you can give, which you can never take back: time and your bodily fluids.

Having said that, there is only one thing you can give for which you are instantaneously receiving something back. In fact, this is an energy that can never be received from someone outside of you but only given: love.

You'll have to think about this a bit as it's quite the mind warp.

Let's get back to the hexahedron to help you take this topic to the next level.

The Field of Passion

sunset in glass, 350x350I mentioned earlier that the cube contains the hexahedron (several of them), which means that each creation contains the vast field of passion and desire right within its own creation. Is it any wonder then that our physical bodies long and thirst for physical expression, especially the experience of physical pleasure? No, it's completely natural. But that's just it. It's just natural, not spiritual. It's Nature's way to keep her own creation going – the multiplication of her creations, to which your body belongs. Your spirit however, and the Spirit of Source, do not belong to Nature, they belong to Source itself.

When you get this, physical pleasures lose their hold on you and you will see through the entire illusion.

A person in touch with Spirit then comes to realize the truth about physical sexuality and sees beyond its illusion to the metaphysical and spiritual consequences, and coincidentally also realizes that the act of physical sexuality is also the very act that keeps them tied to this physical world and the reincarnational wheel, which is the exact opposite of what the person in touch with Spirit longs for (to be one with Source itself and be done with the world of materialism).

Take Your Time – Eternity Is a Long Time

If this is all confusing, just remember that eternity is a long time. You can live your eternity however you so choose. Do what feels right to you. Just remember that the “heart is deceitful above all things.” Solomon, or shall I say Sol-o-Man.

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