Twin Flame Pre-Qualification?

Aren’t we supposed to just ‘know’ whether he or she is the one?

Technically speaking ‘yes.’ However, since mother Nature has her own agenda, which is to keep our species alive, our bodies are first and foremost a part of her (mother Nature), and so are regulated by chemistry. Twin flame or not, your bodies are regulated by these chemical rules as well. When a person has managed to be awake and conscious and alert enough to separate one of mother Nature’s numbers (multiply) from what we are really here for, which is to remember who we really are, we then can look at others without the pink glasses and without being swayed by any external things, such as looks, age, and other deceiving, albeit fleeting qualities.

Twin Flame Pre-Qualification – Use Your Head

While you are searching for your twin flame through the plethora of men and women out there amongst almost 8 billion people, it is important that you use your most important faculties, those of thinking and making choices. You must use discernment to make the right choice for you when browsing potential partners.

Your most divine relationship is no different? Why? Because the floods of emails and coaching work I do shows that most of you THINK that you are with your twin but when you are truly honest with yourself you admit that you are just infatuated and even a bit obsessed with the other person.

Twin Flame Agony: The Square Peg in the Round Hole

It’s time to stop that now. It’s time to stop squeezing a square peg into a round hole.

Here is a 20 minute video I created to hopefully help you in establishing some ground rules before moving forward with a man or woman whose time is limited with you anyways, but that you may mistaken for your twin flame. Don’t go for the heart break, twin flame or not. Instead, go for love. The signs are always there, always, always, always.

Watch the Twin Flame Video Here: