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Create your own digital products with your voice sharing your own wisdom.

Passive Income

It’s time to share your message with a hungry world. 10% discount applies.
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Basic Dowsing

Want to become a human lie detector? Learn basic dowsing skills.

Basic Energy

Learn to work with a pendulum and use your own body using muscle testing.
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Advanced Dowsing

Learn to work with the forces of the Universe. Transmute, transcend & transform.

Master Yourself

This is a powerful course teaching you how to tap into the forces of the Universe.
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Color Psychology

Dress for success. Heal with color. Live your mood. Know your colors.

Power of Color

Learn about dimension and ascension and how color impacts your business and life.
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YouTube Marketing

Learn how to use 'cards' and annotations to increase your client base.

YouTube Cards & Annotations

Spread your message with YouTube in big ways. Only $15 with this coupon.
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Udemy Instructors

Learn how to use the iFrame to create student surveys within your courses.

Using Student Surveys

Student engagement, student feedback and data to creating new courses. $25 coupon.
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Anatomy of a Goal

Achieve your goals every time by using this goal setting formula.

More Confidence

Setting goals the right way can make the difference between failure and success.
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Happy Relationships

Do you yearn for a sacred and divine relationship? Here's how to get one.

Happy Relationships

Everyone wants a soulmate or a divine relationship. Do it in a grounded and practical way.
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Subliminal Messages

Take back control with subliminal messages. Program your mind.

Positive Affirmations

Don’t fall into the trap of mind control. Feed your mind positive messages.
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Increased Intuition

Use the Emotional Freedom Technique to open your intuitive channels.

With EFT (Tapping)

Open your intuitive channels and watch your life become a whole lot easier.
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