Put Your Positive Affirmations On Auto-Pilot – Here Is How

Nothing is as powerful (or detrimental) to our evolution and success as our own internal dialogue. To make matters worse, corporations and the media do a pretty darn good job in keeping our minds subdued, small, numb, and programmed – with their stuff.

To combat external mind control here are some steps that might help you as well:

1. Stop watching TV. If you can't do that, minimize your time in front of the television to 15 minutes a day until you can let go of TV watching all together. Your mind will know a freedom that it may not have known for a very long time.

2. Brain care. This means, eat brain foods (walnuts, pecans, bananas – all in good measure) and do a brain fast every day. Some people call this intermittent fasting. Unfortunately most people are tagging weight loss to intermittent fasting. The real perk and reason behind it is that your brain needs the rest. I fast 15 hours each day. I have my last bite to eat around 5 or 6 pm and I don't have another bite to eat until 9 am the next morning. The first thing into my body is water and only water. No ice, no lemon, just natural water (non-carbonated). Half an hour later I drink another glass of water. I repeat this process until 9 am when I eat a light breakfast. First thing into your body in the morning: WATER and only water. This alone will make a huge difference in your thinking abilities.

3. Decide what enters and exits your brain. You and only you are in charge of what enters and exits your brain. What leaves your brain is usually the overflow of the thoughts you have, which often have been controlled by corporations, the media, well-meaning friends and family, the books and magazines you read, the education you have and your own limiting thoughts and beliefs. It's time now to take back control of your precious mind.

When I was done with the negative thinking, which was the cause of me holding myself small, I turned the TV off, said fair-well to well-meaning but utterly negative friends and family members, and I took charge of my mind – what enters it and what exits it. I stopped reading books for a while and stopped inundating myself with non-sense information. My motive became transformation – not information. I became selective of what I wanted to use my brain for. Then I became protective of what entered my mind. And then I became super aware of what exited my mind, which then became so much easier to control than before when my mind was just dodging negative programming from TV and the media.

And then I added positive affirmations, subliminal messages and guided visualizations. I became pro-active of what verbal messages I fed my brain with. This was my real break-through!

Create Your Own Subliminal Messages teaches you how to combat this negative programming by creating your own positive subliminal messages. This includes how to create subliminal messages on your website, your videos, including your art work everywhere. To add to this skill I use a subliminal software program that flashes subliminal messages from my laptop directly at me. I'm on the computer a lot and why not use that time to program my mind subliminally with messages that I have created for projects that I am working on?

The software program comes with hundreds of pre-written subliminal messages for just about any topic you need help with. Whether you want to improve your health, your wealth, your success, your relationships, or you want to stop smoking or sleep better – the software has a program to help you gain control of your mind and steer you in the direction of success.

The program takes less than 2 minutes to install. It is for computers and laptops but not for cell phones. To get your own program and get a limited 30% discount (until end of August 2019), follow these steps:

  1. Visit HERE to download your program.
  2. Enter the following coupon upon check-out: BB30OFF
  3. Download and install your software program.
  4. Open the program and check all the positive affirmations that appeal to you.
  5. The program starts automatically every day you turn your computer on. It is light on the computer and because you can set it to be as discrete as you want, you won't even notice it at all. Your subconscious, however, will be positively influenced to helping you get to where you want to go in life.

If you want to get the affirmations that I have written and that I personally use, you can enroll in Create Your Own Subliminal Messages and when you complete the course you'll get my complete list of positive affirmations. All you need to do is copy and paste my affirmations into your program and you're set to go.

Ahh! Positive subliminal affirmations set on auto-pilot!