Radio Publicity – Mind,  Body, Spirit

Radio publicity is one of the easiest, quickest, cheapest and most effective ways to getting your word out into the masses! In fact, James Dobson once said:

I'm still heard on 1,500 radio stations across North America every day, about 220 million people a day in 150 countries.

Radio Publicity – Without Spending a Dime

Probably one of the most go-to expert when it comes to radio publicity is Alex Carroll with RadioPublicity. Alex wrote a book about how to Beat the Cops and then promoted his book via radio publicity. He has personally been a radio guest for over 1,200 radio shows, sold over a quarter million books and received millions of dollars in free air time publicity, all with radio publicity! Today Alex speaks at prestigious events such as the Publicity Summit in New York as well as the Author 101 events across the U.S. You would agree that Alex Carroll knows a thing or two – or a whole lot – about radio publicity.

Radio Publicity – For Those in the Mind, Body, Spirit Field

radio publicity, Dr. Cha~zayI had purchased Alex' radio publicity program many years ago and it served me well (and I highly recommend his program to those who seek to spread their message via radio publicity). Over the past year, however, I had made a switch from left-brained to heart-centered and my focus was no longer on traditional radio stations as I had shifted to mind, body spirit radio publicity. So I decided to create my own radio publicity database of mind, body, spirit radio stations that I could approach to spread my message and books.

On the first day I contacted 20 stations and within just a few hours I was booked on 5 mind, body, spirit radio shows. Now that's radio publicity! These shows have a combined listenership of millions of people and on top of that my shows are getting aired several times throughout the year.

Helping You Get Radio Publicity

I learned so much about these wonderful mind, body, spirit radio stations and realized that approaching them takes a completely different approach than contacting traditional radio stations. Alex and I decided to put our heads together and help each other make this radio publicity database available for each others' clients. Why keep a great secret to ourselves? Instead we created a free 90 minute teleseminar giving people some pointers on how to approach mind, body, spirit stations with this radio publicity database. We want you to succeed!

Free 90 Minute Mind, Body, Spirit Radio Publicity Training

Here is a 3 1/2 minute overview of what we will teach in this free 90 minute teleseminar. If you like what you hear and you feel that radio publicity would help you spread your message, get your book, website, blog, product or service out there to the mind, body, spirit community, then submit your name and email address so we can grant you access to this free 90 minute training.



Radio Publicity, Mind, Body, Spirit

Remember, radio publicity, especially in the mind, body, spirit industry, works quite differently than traditional radio publicity – let us help you succeed and spread your most important message to a hungry audience!