Radio Publicity – The Quickest Way to Spread Your Message

As most of you know, I first overcame my ultimate biggest fear of public speaking back in 2002 when I resorted to tele-seminars because they felt a lot safer than standing in front of a live audience. Little did I know that I would stumble on a gold mine, literally, and created a million dollar business holding year long mentorship programs and workshops via telephone while traveling the globe. I even spoke with Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad). As an automatic part of this journey came radio publicity. Suddenly radio stations called me for interviews, even Hollywood called because they wanted to do a show on me, but that's another story.
Robert Kiyosaki and Cha-zayBack then I was in the, let's call it the left-brain business world, teaching people how to start their own passive income streams by developing and building their own real estate properties.
In 2006 I made a switch from left-brained to heart-centered because my inner urge to share why I'm really here on this planet at this time and decided to bring my spiritual journey into the forefront. The left brained stuff was just prep work. :) This forum is a part of this journey, as are all my Youtube videos, workshops, and products. And with that came the request to appear on spiritually oriented radio stations.
I have decided to make available my radio publicity database of over 700 radio stations in the field of mind, body, spirit, paranormal, law of attraction and more.
Because if you are reading this, the likelihood is that you are also on a spiritual journey and you may even have a website, a product, a blog, or written a book, that is wanting to get shared with the world.

Why I love Radio Publicity

I have found no other way to get my word out as fast as with radio publicity. Radio publicity is free advertising for your product or service. Rather than pay for adwords, radio stations are eager to sell your product by repeating your website again and again. Radio publicity is just brilliant!
So if you're ready to make radio publicity work for you and so get your word out to the public and share your most authentic message with a hungry audience, then you may want to consider starting today. Pick up your own radio publicity database of over 700 radio stations, start making appointments and get your message out today!

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