What Does An Insightful Intelligence Report Read Like?

The short answer is: they're all different and I never know what information comes through.

Here are just a few sample readings to give you an idea of what information comes across. Please note that all names and personal data, including locations, have been changed. Furthermore, written permission has been obtained by these clients to do so and to post the readings here.

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Client: AB

Request received: August 24, 2015, 10:33 a.m.

“Do you know who NB is? If not, please don't Google him and let me know what you think.”

billionaire lifestyleResponse sent: August 25, 2015, 4:54 p.m.

Hi AB,

You asked about NB. I will give you this in 3 parts since I got it this way. I have never heard of him and don't know who he is, if he is alive or dead, although he feels very much alive to me. Somewhere in the 40s, early 50s maybe. Again, ages are unimportant as often what I'm reading is the person at that age group, whether it's past or present.

Part 1 (August 24, 2015, First ‘Hit’ upon reading eMail):

When I first read the name in your email I immediately heard “huge name (energy) conflict.” It was as if N was one person and B was another. As I went about my day, the conflicting energies kept growing and I felt as though N had his own life according to this own heart, but B was the sea of his ancestry line, forcing him into a direction that was no longer in alignment with what he is here for. I felt a huge “tug” of sorts, but no one on the outside seems to know. As if he suffers there in silence. I wasn't in a space where I could go deeper into the reading, so I let it go until later that night.

Part 2 (August 24, 2015, Evening):

My evening pulled on my own energy and I wasn't strong enough to read him but did ask before going to bed for more to be revealed. Again the conflicting energies surfaced, even stronger than before. I had several dreams, all bloody. Lots of blood. Lots of fighting. Always for freedom, but also for power. There were animal teeth ripping people apart. Felt almost like the lion's den. I see the ancestry line divided into two groups. The group that wants to continue the fighting and the group that has matured and wants to finally be victorious by expressing love.

Part 3 (August 25, 2015, 4:54 p.m.):

This is now. As I meditated a bit before now sitting and just letting the information flow, I feel the immense power of this man and yet it remains undiscovered as of yet, but not for much longer. I hear that a part of him is missing. I see a mechanical piece that is key to making a huge machine work, without it, the project won't work. It's symbolic of a person that is missing. He's missing a key person of sorts.

When I tune into his heart I want to cry because of the good he wants to do but the ancestral struggle within (and without) is huge. It's as if he's the link in the chain that needs to break the pattern of the “old ways.” I do hear that he will be victorious, all be it I see him so distant and misunderstood from the world around him. I sense a man motivated by his true heart's purpose, although it didn't start out this way and may not quite yet look this way. The “old ways” are being demolished, either for him or by him, to give room for the tender but almighty powerful mission to surface and take effect on Earth.

I sense HUGE power coming from this man. I hear “I love you” and it feels very personal. Something he doesn't say much or ever. But I hear it so loud and clear and it means everything to him. I keep wanting to cry because of the tender heartedness that I see and feel. I just want to hug him and assure him. Very strange to feel this way and see this man misunderstood by those around him for all that he has accomplished and is doing. It is nothing compared to what is to come.

I do see a fork in the road. It's an important one. I see Hitler having stood at this same fork in the road. Hitler took the wrong path. N has the same choice, although maybe not the same outcome (or?). The pull and influence and entrainment from the ancestry line is enormous. I don't want to peak in the future too much because I see this fork in the road up in the air, as if he hasn't quite decided yet. Once he decided whom to listen to (his heart or the pressures of his ancestors), he will choose, which I sense will influence the direction much of the world will go into.

This man is incredibly powerful, he knows it, but I don't feel that the world knows just how much power he holds over what's to come. If you were to ask me if I would want to meet this person or if I would do business with him or if I would trust him, I sense myself being pulled in every direction. A part of me trusts this man's heart explicitly as he does want to do what is right. Another part of me says “hell, no, his power scares me” and I feel myself being too afraid to get too close to someone whose character is on the tipping point of saint and the ultimate evil.

Now that I feel the fountain is running a bit dry, I “see” this man as quite handsome, in his own way. I see a business suit with and without tie. Charm and darkish hair with a bit of silver. Olive or caramel colored skin. Doesn't feel American although he may have been born here. His ancestors as I look at them feel Greek or Roman, very powerful and influential people. I also sense an ancient German influence, can't put my finger on it exactly.

I sense him as very, very lonely within his heart, although always surrounded with people and seemingly happy. The heart tells a different story. He's longing for something, or someone, and he's definitely missing a big key to moving forward. And he knows it and is looking for it. I'm not sure what it is though. It could be a piece of information, a person or a group of people.

I just let this info flow, no editing (so forgive any typos). Feel free to call if it's easier. Who is this?


Client Response: August 25, 2015, 5:18 p.m.

From: AB

“Wowwowwow. So powerful, and on the money. Calling you now.”

The follow up call took another 30-45 minutes, during which I revealed additional information, such as feeling this person unmarried. My client corrected me stating that this person was indeed married, but then called me a week later to inform me that I was right after all.

The client revealed the name of the person I was reading only after more information on my end was shared. I had never heard of this person. I did, however, look him up on Wikipedia to get confirmation that this was indeed whom I was doing a reading for.

I'm looking forward to seeing what will unfold for this individual.

E-Mail Request from: RB

“Please do a reading for this gentleman: GK.”

Note: This is all my client sent. I wasn't given any other information.

love with swirlActual Reading:

Here is what I get on GK. Please take this with a big bolder of salt. I have no clue who this person is and this is not about judgement, this is about reading YOUR energy in relationship to them. I may be way off, some things may be right on and other stuff may be right on.

I right away sense a busy person. Not only busy in terms of schedule, but mostly busy internally. Handsome, hairy somewhat, dark hair, gorgeous skin, attractive in his own way. Comes across confident.

Thinking a lot, wondering and contemplating a lot. Very much in his head trying to make sense of things.

I get somewhat of a troubled soul or persona. Something went ‘wrong' and he's trying to figure out how to either make it right or how to make it go away but hasn't quite figured out how to make it go away.

I get a person who wants to be spiritual, longs for it, but is so much in his left brain that he finds it hard to stop the human thinking process to just ‘be.'

He is desperately seeking women or the feminine part in everything and everyone that can be that pressure cooker release for him.

I sense a very strong personality with some specific weaknesses.

Wealthy or at least well-to-do, although it's never quite enough.

Very much living from the first three chakras but feeling the urge and the calling from the higher chakras to take it up a notch. This is his struggle, hasn't quite figured out how to let the higher energies trickle down to the lower three chakras, and instead is trying to force the lower three chakras upwards towards the spiritual (this causes huge frictions between Spirit and his highest self).

Somewhat of a control freak. Not over people, but over his own life and his own accomplishments. Definitely has the potential to move out of the way and let Spirit show him the way, but I sense a huge fear that it may come at the cost of everything he has worked for, and sadly I don't see him willing to do that, at least not yet.

I sense a female in his life, someone that he either is trying to ‘cut loose' or someone that is a burden, and yet there is guilt of some sorts (not sure I can put the finger on where the guilt came from, affair maybe?).

I sense multiple flings or casual friends with benefits just to take the pressure off the task at hand.

Physically I feel either a swollen prostate or a tender colon. He needs to see a doctor immediately. If he can't relax from Spirit-down and continues to use his body to experience the ultimate peace, his body will take its toll. I also sense a tense heart.

Way too much to do, always on the go. Even when he is so-called relaxing, his mind is always going and his blood is rushing too fast through his veins. Deep, slow breath work would do wonders for him, as would meditation in silence, solitude and sitting underneath trees to help him heal.

I sense a kind soul, kind heart, really wants to be of service, wants to do what is right and can – if he just starts letting Spirit work through him instead of him forcing his will on Spirit.

If I tune into you and him I get that you would be a rebound project eventually if you got involved now. He is not ready yet even though he may want to be, or you may want it.

Client Response:

“You are a very strong intuitive, Cha~zay. He has stage 3 cancer and only found out for sure on Friday. I will send you a picture of him and then you can see how accurate you truly were with his physical appearance. Yes to everything else. He works a lot, he's a doctor, and he dates, a lot.”

Our follow-up conversation revealed more information to help her make a decision she was looking to make.

This request was made by telephone by Dr. Smith.

Medical signHello Dr. Smith,

Here is the promised reading of your patient, Jennifer T.

Again, take it with a huge bolder of salt. Since I am not well versed with actual names of diseases, I can only almost verbatim give you what it is that Spirit is showing. You will have to connect the dots and see if any of it makes sense, or what tests you may run. Some may turn up some things now, nothing at all, or may be things that took place in the past or will take place in the future.

Jennifer T… The first thing I notice right away is shallow breathing, mostly upper chest, constantly holding her breath. Totally not enough oxygen in her blood, cells or tissue. Feeling like either oxygenating her water or actually drinking oxygenated water would help. Also taking baths in oxygenated water.

I get anger and frustration about something quite ‘old,' something that happened a long time ago. Feels like two things. One in childhood, some abandonment thing and then later again in a marriage. Not sure if she is still married or divorced yet. I sense a woman who has great sense of strength but is depleted and has started to feel defeated by life and her grand dreams she had for life. As if her life is coming to an end slowly but surely and none of the things she has envisioned have come to pass. A sense of bitterness.

I get split visions of a woman in her 50s or early 60s. But this could also just be energetically, not in human years. One woman is rather fragile and timid and the other is quite fierce and assertive. I don't know if this means that she is both, one on the inside and one she projects to the outside world, or if she used to be one and has now become the other. What I get from this is a sense of restlessness, no peace within herself, not in love with either of these sides of herself. One part wishes she was more assertive and the other part wishes to be more gentle. I hear “tired of being a door mat” and tired is exactly what I would call this body. There is a sense of anger that is actually eating away at her tissues and nerves.

When I look at her energy pattern I see a thick wall that is very dense and jagged (remember how I explained this to you?). She wants closeness but there is an abrasiveness either energetically or in reality, which pushes others away. There is a sense of deep, deep loneliness. Her body is ‘hard.' Both physically her tissue feels hard, and energetically the wall around her is almost not movable, not shiftable and not flowy at all. It makes me sad to see her feel the need to protect herself so much, when all the little girl wants is to be held and loved, she longs for closeness, real intimacy, not necessarily with a man (only), but with the world around her. Nothing can get in, and nothing can come out. So no matter what she tries, I feel her walls being too thick for her own good. This means also her vessel, her tissues, her cells, her blood.

When I look at her blood I see it very thin, very runny, almost diluted. It does not contain the life force it should. I hear “eat more red.” I see beets, red bell peppers. And for some reason egg yolks, one a day for blood building. I do not see diabetes, her blood runs red but it just looks so thin. It almost looks like she doesn't have enough of this stuff. I see light headedness. The red food and egg yolk will help.

What will help most is breaking down the emotional walls and letting in sunshine to warm her body and warm her blood, and build new cells. She feels cold inside, like the LIFE force is not able to get through to her, even though the life force is within us, what I mean is that the life force also draws nourishment from our surroundings, the smiles we receive, the sunshine that warms our skin, the nourishment and healing we get when we sit under a tree – she doesn't get any of these because the absorption through her physical body never takes place, hence her feeling cold inside.

When I scan her bone structure I am immediately drawn to her knees and see white specks of some sort. Looks almost like white bubbles, some round, some oval shaped, looks like deposits somewhere around the bone tissue. Does she have breast implants or has she had them in the past but removed? The substance at first blush feels foreign, i.e. silicone deposits? Not sure why they primarily show up in her knees and shin area. Could be calcium too? Or has she had knee surgery and it could be scaring? I feel that she has pain in her knees because of this. There is an immediate sense that she also is missing a sense of direction in life. Her life is so-so, she wants more to look forward to, life seem ‘boring' or uneventful, a sense of stuckness.

As I am traveling down her feet I see the same deposits or white spots around her toes, especially her two big toes. I have absolutely no clue what they are.

Scanning upward towards her hip I immediately get a sense of sexual abuse. I see massive scaring in that area, I do not know if the scaring is symbolic or if the white, milky area is an actual substance that seems to be clouting her pelvic bones. For some reason I don't see a uterus, I don't know if she had a hysterectomy, if she's planning one, or if this is just symbolic that perhaps she had aborted a baby (i.e. uterus is missing in my vision). I sense deep pain connected to this uterus missing or whatever this emptiness is. Perhaps she has lost a child?

As I scan her bowels I get an immediate sense of a rock hard pipe, like a plumbing pipe going through a concrete wall. I do not like the lack of flexibility at all. I sense that life has dealt her a tough road and she has not been able to let it go, instead it has made her hard. I.e. her excretory system is equally as hard. It would not surprise me if she either had diarrhea or chronic constipation (which I feel may be more likely). And that the texture of her bowel eliminations are either oversized and hard (and hurting her) or they are rock hard bullets. Not hurting her, but still not in the right softness. I also see dark stool. I get that her stool stays inside of her too long, she is not eliminating the food quickly enough. Sense of staleness.

Moving up to her stomach I get a deep sense of sadness. I want to cry, I want to scream. Her stomach wall seems rock hard. The message I hear is “no one will ever hurt me again.” Gosh I want to cry so badly. No self esteem. Perhaps false confidence towards the outside world, i.e. the assertiveness, but inside very self protective and guarded now. There is HUGE pain in this area. I look at the solar plexus and I see a shriveled up ball of energy strands that are barely functioning, and the color is light grey. I do not like this color for these countless nerves. I get that there is serious lack of blood flow to her solar plexus. There is no connection between her solar plexus and the sun at all. There is not much breath, if any, going into this area at all. I hear a loud voice saying she needs to work with her vagus nerve and sigh 50-60 times a day. Deep sighs that use the sounds haaaaaa. The ‘h' is important as it is the release of the hormone that then can travel through the vagus nerve (oxytocin maybe?). Do not have her say ‘aaaaah' without the ‘h' at first, that is the male hormone to pick up energy, she doesn't need more energy. She needs more bliss in her life.

Her pancreas and liver look okay, not very well nourished with oxygen, but I don't see a huge problem with them with the except of the liver being too contracted. As if even the liver is tensed up.

I look at her heart, which feels too large to me and working over time. Most of the activities so far I see in the 4 chambers of the heart, lots of red. The heart is working really, really hard. I don't like it. I do not see blockages in the heart but when I ask to see ahead in time I do see that there is a chance her heart just stops beating one day. Not sure if this would be considered a heart attack without any blockages. I feel more that the heart would stop because it feels so broken and it desperately tried to do the job of all the organs, which are sheltering themselves from feeling and doing anything. As I see the intense red in her heart, I see her heart trying very hard to produce healthy blood. It looks healthy leaving the heart. I have no clue where blood leaves from the heart but it looks clearer and richer, or more red, going upward. Whatever is coming in from below is darker and quite diluted. I have no clue if top and bottom are symbolic or if this actually how it works.

I look at her lungs. Did she ever smoke anything at all? Her lungs look like they have an outbreak of the black measels, tiny, tiny black spots. Strangely enough I don't see black vortexes with them, which is what I would usually see if life was drawn out of that area, in cases of cancer. When I meditate on these dots I hear the word ‘fungus.' I hear ‘black mold' and ‘mushrooms.' Does she eat a lot of mushrooms? I hear mushrooms are not good for her. (I do kinesiology, if you ever want me to help you with specific foods or medicines for patients, I would be happy to help). For Jennifer, no mushrooms whatsoever. I am being urged to have her stay from too much moisture or a moist environment. Weird, I get a vision of her standing in the rain forest. I have no clue what this means. You?

When I ask if there is anything we can do for her lungs they show me a hand that uses some scraping method to scrape off the outer layer of the lungs. It comes off easily and underneath I see healthy, pinkish tissue. The layer being scraped off feels old and ready to be let go off, as if it has been there for a long time, it feels mucusy also. Does she have a chronic cough, wheezing, allergies, post nasal drip? Something is building in her lungs. She is not getting any oxygen past her lungs. It's like the mucus is blocking the oxygen from going through to the rest of her body. I have goose bumps asking the severity of the lungs over the other issues and am shown that this is one of the major concerns blocking oxygen getting into the rest of her body and blood. I have never seen this scraping vision and don't know what it means. There is no cutting but the hand does have surgical gloves on. I have no idea if this is something that should happen, will happen, what this procedure even is, if it even exists, or if it's something she went through in the past.

As I am looking at her lungs I see the same white deposits in her elbow area and some of her fingers. I don't know if this is what arthritis would look like, something rheumatoid or silicone deposits, calcium, etc.

When I look her throat area I get the same hardness I got in her bowels. It's just a steel pipe, no movement. Hardness that can't be penetrated. She has lots to say but either doesn't say it or when she speaks it comes across harsh or abrasive. Or perhaps she has stopped speaking her truth? No, I feel it's more her way or the highway….

Her head, wow – I see several pieces making up her head. I've not seen this before. It's as if some of the plates are made of steel, some are made of wood, some are made of candle wax. These are the bone structures within her head. Her right cheek is metal, her left cheek is wood, there are quite a few spots that are just candle wax. Not sure what this means but I get a sense of having been hit on the head, maybe even beaten, or tragic accident with head trauma. Her eyes look like blue marbles, glass, not really alive. I don't know what this means either but sense that she has seen some things that have made her hard. Things she should never have seen and have made her hard. I hear that she's seen it all and nothing surprises her anymore, and at the same time she is extremely tender and fragile.

I just got a split second vision of the very back of her tongue being black. The part that pulls way down into the throat. I didn't see that before since the throat looks just like a steel pipe. I don't know what this means but I hear to keep an eye on this…

When I look at her brain I see a milky white brain that is the color of tapioca. I have not seen this before either. It feels way too soft and wobbly to me. This surprises me because it's the softest part of her. Everything else is so hard, the brain is way too soft and the color is off. It also gives me the taste of sugar or sweetness of some sort. What in the world is this? Has she done heavy drugs when she was young? Is she on drugs now? I don't know if this could be a premonition of how her brain is developing (into mush). I hear the word Alzheimer's. 🙁 Then I hear that she would rather have Alzheimer's than remember her life, especially her childhood.

I see some hair missing or her losing her hair.

I want to just hug and hold this woman until her walls come crumbling down. But that's not how it works. I know. 🙂

Self care, self care, self care is what I kept hearing over and over again. And mostly it's about loving herself. I don't see that she loves herself at all. I feel that she is trying to convince herself that she loves herself or she wouldn't be seeing a doctor. This is her pacifier. But the self care she needs is to truly love herself and forgive others. I sense that there is an older man in particular that needs forgiveness. I don't know if he is still alive. He looks like a grandpa. Could have been from her childhood and now past on. He is with her and he is very sad to see her state. He constantly tries to reach out to her and talk to her, comfort her. And I don't know if it's because he is feeling guilty and seeking her forgiveness or if he truly sees her sadness and just wants to be there for her. He has grey hair and a green vest. A little bit hunched over but not much. Dark eyes. I get a pipe on occasion.

If she was my friend or my client I would ask her to get a colon and later a liver cleanse. I am concerned about her heart working way too much and I do not like the lungs and the brain and the diluted blood. I also don't like the grey, shriveled solar plexus but feel that this is just a symptom and can get cleared with more oxygen and right breathing techniques. I keep hearing, more oxygen, more oxygen. Breathing exercises. Oxygenated water, lots of water (no coffee for this lady, it's hardening her stomach walls and draining her bowel walls). I get a sense now that the brain thing may be a premonition, but I almost didn't write that down because I don't do premonitions. Maybe you can check into this?

Old wounds for sure and a massive refusal to let go and forgive, no matter how much she says she has forgiven.

Response from the Client

“Thank you sooooo much for your amazing reading!!! Your evaluation will help in directing her care.”

Dr. Smith's response was very long and very detailed, too detailed and confidential, to put in such a public place.

Let is suffice that the reading was quite accurate with some unknowns, which left room for this physician to do additional testing.

Update: We later found out that this woman was indeed estranged from her children. There was indeed a lot of sadness and bitterness in her life. A year later this lady was feeling much better and well enough to sell her home and move back to where she really wanted to live.

Disclaimer: I do not officially do medical intuitive readings, unless you are a close friend or someone I've known for a very long time. If you have medical issues, please contact your doctor. These medical intuitive readings are here to show you how symbolism works when doing an Insightful Intelligence Reading. This applies to all readings, whether I read a person, a company, an animal, a situation, the past, the future or anything else you want to know.

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