Sexual Purity, the Ankh and Twin Flames

Sexual purity, cheating and what it all has to do with twin flames, is a hot and burning topic and on people's mind like never before! It's time we took a metaphysical look at what infidelity and sexual impurity really does to people.

This is a 40 minute video with many slides and illustrations. As I said in the video, if I can only help one person to reclaim their sexual purity, then this video was worth it. This video has been out on Youtube for only a few hours and it has already gotten more responses of gratitude from people who say that sexual purity has exactly been their internal longing and now they fee like they're on the right track.

Sexual Purity Still Matters

Wanting to live a life filled with sexually purity, in every way, is not everyone's cup of tea. It's an individual journey. For those that long for sexual purity all it takes is a decision, an intention, a great support team and a whole lot of self worth. Yes, one of the greatest ways to give up your body to an unworthy partner is by not feeling worthy of who you are. The sexual act is an attempt to get love in exchange. Unfortunately, especially for many women, they are left feeling used and they can't help but feel a sense of repulsion not only for their partner but for themselves. It's the feeling that makes you want to take a shower. Quite the opposite of sexuality purity, I might ad.


May you find a few Aha moments as I flow through this topic of sacred sexual purity, the ankh and twin flames!