I've always loved sharing – I think it's the only way to go. Whether we share hugs, space, a home, our wisdom and especially our income – there is magic happening when we can help others feel empowered too!

After months of configuring our software program it is finally done and ready to be shared with all of you! As some of you have noticed, all our programs, with the exception of the books and the Golden Sun membership, has a sliding scale. Just one way to give people the choice to pay whatever they can afford and what they think the programs are worth.

Extra Income for You

slideTo take this a huge step forward, we have implemented an affiliate program where you now can share in our programs by referring others to them and earning between 25-50% (based on the quantity you've sold). Super affiliates earn even more. The best part, it's free to join!

As you all know, I'm a huge fan for solo-preneurship and would love to see more people work from home! I am hoping that in some small way this will add to your bottomline by giving you extra income.

Income Example

Let's look at what this means. For example, the 11-Week Twin Flame Coaching Series sell for $157. As an affiliate you get your own affiliate link, which you then share with your own people (via newsletter, on Facebook, in other forums, by placing our banner on your own website, Google adwords, etc.). If your affiliate payout level is 50%, you would earn $78.50 for everyone who sells through your affiliate link. Our payout is set to $30 because we have many members from all over the planet. Payday is twice per month.

Our 6-Figure Teleseminar Blueprint Intensive currently sells for $297, 50% of which is $148.50.

I Want to Help You Earn Money!

Can you see how by placing a simple banner on your site or by writing a newsletter with your personalized link or by sharing your own affiliate link with your Facebook group can add income to your bottom line?


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