Why Do We Need Protection?

For Energy Workers, Dowsers, Reiki Masters, Intuitives, etc.

​One of the most asked questions in all of my courses combined has been:

“How do I protect myself and my clients from unseen dark energies?”

This question has come from students that do dowsing, EFT, intuition work, and even those that are using tarot cards or working as energy healers.

Sadly, some people think that calling on Jesus or some archangel is sufficient. It is not. Not by a long shot.

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Up until now I have sent you to do your own research because I’ve seen again and again that one-size does not fit all. In other words, there is not one procedure I could give to all of you, for the mere fact that you are a unique person with your own energy patterns, your own template, your own karma, your own unique gifts, your own habits – and your own secrets. 🙂

What’s too much protection for one is not enough for the next person and visa versa. It’s a delicate balance.

Besides, what exactly are we needing protection for?

Or better yet, whom do we need to protect ourselves from?

Does evil really exist in the world of energy?

Free Webinar – Spiritual Protection

Why The Change of Heart?

I realized that not giving protective measures and leaving my students to figure it out on their own, was not the loving thing to do. It was actually quite careless on my part.

Furthermore, I realized that I was really the one sticking my head in the sand, avoiding the issue per se. And while that was not my original intention, it is time to give you some things to think about as you expand your energy work (in whatever field you’re in).

My original reason for not wanting to talk about the dark side is because I didn’t want to scare people or give that side any more attention than it already has from a world that is in enough trouble. I want you to think about love and kindness and how to be able to help others. Talking about the dark side induces fear, which is exactly the opposite of what my work is here.

The good news is that I’ve figured out how to give you much light by talking about you, rather than inducing fear by talking about the darkness. I’m so pleased to finally have figured this part out. Now my students can move into their energy work without fear, but with knowledge that protects and is indeed needed and called for.

The best part?

I decided to make it a free webinar to ease people into this often feared part of a reality that most would like to avoid.

The webinar turned into a two hour course containing student questions and stories, PowerPoints and a wonderful cleansing technique I do on a weekly basis (or as needed). The feedback has been great so far and the course has been out for only 3 days.

You can ENROLL HERE, it’s free.