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Podcast 016: How To Deal With An Angry Person At Home

Living with an angry person or a person who doesn't have a good handle on their temper can be difficult. Today's question comes from Alvina from the Mauritius Islands. Today's podcast is also filmed, so if you prefer to watch the show, you can do so below. In this podcast I am talking about Mars, yes, the planet of [...]

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Podcast 010: What’s The Best Way To Deal With Anger?

Today's podcast complements the previous podcast where we talked about Anger - The Great Teacher. You may want to listen to that podcast before you listen to today's show. An anonymous caller is explaining that the recommended way of dealing with anger is not working for her. She feels that transmuting or ignoring her anger or finding a higher [...]

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Podcast 002: Anger – The Great Teacher

Just what do we do with anger? Should we give in? Should we blow a fuse? What about transmuting the anger into something more beneficial? Or perhaps it's best to just ignore it all together? Listen to Dr. Cha~zay as she talks about dealing with anger from a completely different angle. There is no need to fear anger and [...]

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