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Podcast 020: Breatharianism, Your Chakra System and Your Ascension

Over the past few months I've been giving several talks about my three near death experiences. One of the questions that keeps coming up again and again is about living without food. Many refer to this state as Breatharianism. Why would anyone choose to live without food? What does it have to do with our chakra system and our [...]

Breatharianism – Living Without Food

Breatharianism - Living Without Food Vitamins and Nutrients "That's all good and fine," you might say, "but what about nutrition, vitamins and minerals?" More and more people are realizing that perhaps there is more to the expression that "we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience." Personally I believe this expression is too superficial. I prefer to think of [...]

Banned Foods: 10 American Foods Banned in Other Countries

Banned foods freely available in the U.S. - Why? Tonight we'll be having arsenic laced chicken with flame retardant soft drinks. For desert we'll have some genetically modified fruit. Yumm! Given that we are here walking the evolutionary path of our soul, which means a path of ascension and transcendence, what do banned foods have to do with any [...]

Breatharianism – Living on Light – Teleseminar

Breatharianism - Living on Light: Stupidity or Self Mastery? Breatharianism, is it stupidity or self mastery? Join Dr. Cha~zay for a 4 week teleseminar series on a topic that has been taking the internet, especially the spiritual community, by storm. Friday, September 13, 20013 12:00 noon Pacific 3:00 p.m. Easter 21:00 Central European Breatharianism: Wisdom or Starvation? The truth [...]

Breatharianism – Living on Light

Breatharianism? What is Living on Light? Breatharianism in the strictest sense is a person living without food and water, living on air and sunlight. Unfortunately, the label breatharianism is just that: a label. The term "living on light" has come from Jasmuheen, a lady from Australia who wrote a book called Living on Light, where she explains a 21-day [...]

Breatharianism, Twin Flames, Ghosts and More – Q&A Session

Breatharianism, twin flames, ghosts, aliens, near death experience, it's all so very interesting. Every day I get up to a dozen of inquiries about topics of breatharianism, twin flames, aliens and more. I used to answer every question and have long had to stop responding to every inquiry. There just isn't enough time in the day to respond each [...]