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Spiritual Protection For Those Working With Energy

Why Do We Need Protection? For Energy Workers, Dowsers, Reiki Masters, Intuitives, etc. ​One of the most asked questions in all of my courses combined has been: "How do I protect myself and my clients from unseen dark energies?" This question has come from students that do dowsing, EFT, intuition work, and even those that are using [...]

Podcast 072: Special Message about Dark Side (contains Free Gift)

Special Message about Dark Side Podcast 072 (contains Free Gift) Today's podcast follows a different format than my usual podcast. First, today's podcast is only available in audio format (no video). Secondly, today's message is a continuation from the previous podcast (071) where Erin asked the wonderful question if the dark side is becoming more conscious or [...]

Podcast 071: Is The Dark Side Getting More Sophisticated?

Is The Dark Side Getting More Sophisticated? Podcast 071 Today's question comes from Erin who asked one of the most interesting questions: "Is the dark side getting more sophisticated as there are more light workers in the world?" The shorter answer is, yes, the dark side is growing and expanding and becoming more 'sophisticated,' as Erin would [...]