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Podcast 034: What’s The Difference Between Spirit And The Soul?

Peter called in and asked: "What's the difference between spirit and the soul?" He also wanted to know how Dr. David Hawkin's 'Scale of Consciousness' applies to today's humanity, since the book was last updated in 2002. Great questions, Peter! In today's podcast we shall examine the difference between spirit (lower case 's'), Spirit (capital 'S') and the soul. [...]

Podcast 014: Feeling Drained After a Discussion? Here’s Why And How To Protect Yourself

Do you ever feel drained after a discussion with a friend? We all have been in situations where we walk away after talking to a friend or stranger, feeling like we need a nap to get our energy back. How can we protect ourselves from getting our energies sucked out from us and still be there for a friend [...]

Podcast 010: What’s The Best Way To Deal With Anger?

Today's podcast complements the previous podcast where we talked about Anger - The Great Teacher. You may want to listen to that podcast before you listen to today's show. An anonymous caller is explaining that the recommended way of dealing with anger is not working for her. She feels that transmuting or ignoring her anger or finding a higher [...]

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