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Podcast 044: How To Get Over The Pain of Cheating – After a 23 Year Marriage

That's the question asked by Marianne - and the topic of today's podcast. We are not only going to talk about infidelity and cheating, we are going to talk about Male Micro-Chimerism and why it's so darn painful to get cheated on. There is not only an emotional explanation for this horrendous pain, there is a physiological explanation as [...]

The Ultimate Heartbreak – When His Departure Makes You Feel Homeless

There is a home for our body, a place to let go, lay our heads, to rest up and nourish ourselves; and then there is a home for our heart and soul, a place where we find emotional and spiritual safety, a safe haven where honor, sacredness and unconditional love reign. The ladder is usually found within and reflected [...]

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