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Podcast 52: Doing a ‘Reading’ On Someone Without Their Permission

Do You Need Permission To 'Read' Someone Who Didn't Ask For The Reading? Marqueritte is a medium and channel and she does psychic 'readings' for people. She often gets asked by her clients to read others, people who are not a part of the reading and didn't give their permission to be read. Just how do [...]

Podcast 030: Why So Many People Lack Ethics and Integrity

Are You an Ethical Person? Is Integrity One of Your Life's Foundations? Countless books have been written about ethics and integrity. And yet we encounter very few people who are truly ethical, while living their lives based on integrity. It seems as though everywhere we turn we see governments, corporations, police forces and our very own [...]

Podcast 015: What Do Ethics and Integrity Have to Do With Character and Wisdom?

Do you think you're an ethical person? One that is filled with integrity? Would you consider your character one of strength? Are you guided by wisdom and discernment? Dr. David Hawkins talked about the Scale of Consciousness and that more than 85% of today's population is below the level of consciousness. From where I stand, at [...]