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Creating With Deliberate Intent

If You Could Create One Thing - What Would It Be? If you could achieve just one thing in 2018, what would it be? Would you aquire the mindset of true abundance? Would you create your first online course? Would you create passive income streams? Would you improve your relationships? Would you get unshakable [...]

Podcast 059: Activating Intuition In The Face of Religion

A student asked several questions about increasing his intuition and wanted to know how his fear of heaven and hell play into expanding his intuitive abilities. He also wants to talk to his deceased mother and wants to know how he can distinguish between his mother talking to him and not a demon. Let's examine his questions in this podcast.

The Impact Of Fine Tuning Your Intuition

You Know Everything - About Everyone You just need to know where to look for the information. In a world where people are addicted to wanting to know the future, I am more than eager to help people fine tune their own intuition so they know what it 'sounds' and 'looks' and 'feels' like when their [...]

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Finding The Courage To Look The ‘Dark’ Straight In The Eyes

Pretending It's Not There Doesn't Make It So As an intuitive consultant I’ve had countless discussions with people about seeing the ‘dark side’ of life. It is quite rare to meet someone who wants to see ‘all sides’ of life, the good, the bad, the light and the dark side of Beings. People are deathly afraid [...]

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Podcast 046: How To Predict Your Own Future

People often ask me: "How do you see into my nooks and crannies when you don't even know me, haven't seen a picture and we've never spoken on the phone?" It's actually quite easy, once you have figured out how intuition is speaking to you. This podcast is all about how to read your own future. [...]

Podcast 042: How To Do Accurate and ‘Blind’ Intuitive Readings

One of the many complaints I get from people getting readings or 'about' people doing readings is that there is often not enough information given or the information is not accurate, not even by a long shot. Why is this? More often then not it has to do with the reader's lack of self-esteem and confidence [...]

Podcast 033: How To Do Your Own Intuitive Readings

In my last podcast 032 you learned how my three near death experiences have aided my intuitive channels to develop more rapidly. If you haven't yet listened to that podcast, you can do so HERE. In today's podcast I want to talk about the different intuitive readings, how to do them yourself, why it's so important [...]