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How To Create Effective Promo Videos – For Online Course Creators

Are you an Online Course Creator, or would you like to be? Then knowing how to create effective promo videos is essential to your course success! What Is An EFFECTIVE Promo Video? Promo videos don't have to cost a fortune and they certainly don't require professional film makers or paid models. An effective promo video does one thing and [...]

How Your Mind Is Being Hijacked By Corporations

Put Your Affirmations and Subliminal Messages on Auto-Pilot Did you know that corporations spend over $180 BILLION dollars PER YEAR to figure out just how to subliminally manipulate their marketing messages so you will buy their products? (Source: ProgrammingTheNations) Yup. Subliminal messages embedded into commercials, magazines, music and all kinds of other venues has been happening since the 1950s, [...]