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Podcast 045: Forgiving Your Ex For Leaving You And Your Children

"I want to punish him!" In podcast 44 we talked about how to get over the pain of a spouse cheating, especially after a 23 year marriage. Marianne asked the pertinent question: "How do I move on from the pain of this?" You can listen to podcast 44 HERE. Marianne had a follow-up questions: "How do I forgive him [...]

Podcast 044: How To Get Over The Pain of Cheating – After a 23 Year Marriage

That's the question asked by Marianne - and the topic of today's podcast. We are not only going to talk about infidelity and cheating, we are going to talk about Male Micro-Chimerism and why it's so darn painful to get cheated on. There is not only an emotional explanation for this horrendous pain, there is a physiological explanation as [...]

Podcast 036: Would You Marry Your Soul Mate or Your Twin Flame?

Ayleen called in this question: "Would you marry a soul mate or a twin flame?" Listen to this podcast for my answer. I have created an entire course about this very topic, Happy Relationships: Soul Mates and Twin Flames. To make this course affordable for everyone, HERE are some 80% discount coupons. The course is only $20 with this [...]

Podcast 007: Ten Things Men Can’t Stand About Women

This show is for the ladies! Dr. Cha~zay shares the 10 things that annoy the crap out of men. It never surprises me how women can be so oblivious to the things they do that chase men far away. And then they come complaining to me, wondering what it is they are doing wrong. Ladies, if you are wondering [...]

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You Think You’re Ready For ‘The One’ – But Are You Really??

Wow - what an amazingly revealing past few days! I have been single for the past 6 years and have been preparing for this special reunion for many years. I have moved 3 times in the last 6 years and each time I was able to unclutter and get rid of old stuff. Each time I reduced 'my stuff' [...]

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Your Holy Kingdom of Love – Waiting for Royalty

Once upon a time there was a strong Queen living in her beautiful castle ruling over her kingdom with pride and honor. She took great pleasure in her position. There was only one thing that did not work in her life: She was alone. There was no King helping her rule her Kingdom and although she had trusted advisers, [...]

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