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Podcast 068, Protect Yourself From Being Read Energetically

Protect Yourself From Being Read Energetically Podcast 068 Today's podcast comes in response to Podcast 052, which was about ethics and integrity when reading someone else's energy. If you haven't already listened to that podcast, you can do so HERE and then return here. Charmaine asked the very pertinent question about how she can protect herself from [...]

Podcast 067: When Dark Energies Enter The Crown Chakra

When Dark Energies Enter The Crown Chakra Podcast 067 Angel called and said that she is feeling dark energies enter her crown chakra every time she begins to meditate and closes her eyes. This podcast is about dealing with dark energies and how to protect yourself and your space from dark energies having a hay day with [...]

Podcast 009: How To Reduce Stress Once And For All, with Benjamin Langley

Benjamin shares about his original tension of stress that he was experiencing when approaching women. Can you relate? The more he learned about how to overcome stress, the more tense he became. Not getting why he wasn’t experiencing peace and freedom when approaching women, he decided to just let it all go. And then the miracle happened. Stress dissipated [...]

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Vipassana: Entrainment and a Cure

A Cure For Entrainment This is the 4th part to our Vipassana series. To read the other parts, click on the link: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. What does entrainment have to do with meditation and why is it so important to know about it? There are many different forms of entrainment. Some are natural occurrences and others [...]

Vipassana: Getting What You Want In Life (Part 3 of 4)

Vipassana: Getting What You Want In Life I once read: "On a normal day I meditate one hour and on a stressful day I meditate two hours." "That doesn't even make sense," I remember thinking to myself. "On a stressful day I won't meditate at all or I won't get my things done." At least this used to be [...]

Vipassana: 10-Day Silent Retreats (Part 2 of 4)

Meditation - Vipassana Style In Part 1 I talk about my personal journey as a meditator. If you haven't read the first article yet, you can do so by clicking HERE. In this article I want to focus on just one meditation itself, a most important one - Vipassana Dhamma. Based on the Dhamma website, Vipassana means “to see [...]

Vipassana: A Meditator’s Journey(Part 1 of 4)

My Meditation Journey Listen to the audio here: There are four parts to this article series. Today I want to talk about my journey as a meditator and the overall benefits meditating can have for you, your health and your everyday life. In the remaining three articles I will talk specifically about my experience with Vipassana, why [...]