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Podcast 050: What Does Physical Sexuality Have To Do With Spirituality?

What Does Physical Sexuality Have To Do With Spirituality? The short answer is: absolutely nothing and everything. I could write a book about this topic. Maybe I will. For now, this post and podcast are in response to a question posted by one of my students enrolled in the Happy Relationships course. If you are not a part of [...]

Sexuality vs. Spirituality

Sexuality vs. Spirituality Sexuality has been used for eons, not only for reproduction but also for rituals. Unfortunately true liberation can never be reached through sexuality, on the contrary. Sexuality is actually a part of what keeps the re-incarnational wheel going and causes people to come back again and again to give this thing called 'life' another chance. All [...]

Sexual Purity: A Metaphysical Viewpoint of the Ankh & Twin Flames

Sexual Purity, the Ankh and Twin Flames Sexual purity, cheating and what it all has to do with twin flames, is a hot and burning topic and on people's mind like never before! It's time we took a metaphysical look at what infidelity and sexual impurity really does to people. This is a 40 minute video with many slides [...]

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